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Monthly Archives: giugno 2012

Ludwig van Beethoven – Le 9 sinfonie – Incisione integrale – Bezdin Ensemble – Adina Spire


Vol. 1 Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, mp3 file) [hifi lofi] 01-Symphony number 1 (Ludwig van Beethoven) (27:42) [hifi lofi] 02-Symphony number 2 (Ludwig van Beethoven) (35:32) [hifi lofi] 03-Symphony number 3 (Ludwig van Beethoven) (53:34)

Ensemble La Reverie – Ancient Mosaic for Guitar


  Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, mp3 file) [hifi lofi] 01-Passacaglia (E Reusner) (4:14) [hifi lofi] 02-Sir John Smith His Almaine (J Dowland) (2:55) [hifi lofi] 03-Quien Amores Ten (L Milan) (1:52) [hifi lofi] 04-Prelude (JS Bach) (2:25)

Antonio Vivaldi – Le quattro stagioni – Lara St. John


da: Pubblicato su autorizzazione dell’etichetta discografica a seguito di associazione a vita.

Pellingman’s Saraband – Division Musick


  Jacob Heringman and Susanna Pell have been musical colleagues for almost 25 years and have both enjoyed distinguished careers at the forefront of the early music movement; Jacob as a soloist and with many prominent period ensembles; Susanna as a freelance performer and member of the pioneering groups, Fretwork and The Dufay Collective. Play [...]

Vito Paternoster – Concerti e serenate per violoncello


Robert Schumann : “Unperformable” the cellist Robert Bockmuehl commented after the rehearsal on March the 23th 1851. Unfortunately, his commentary had a negative influence on record labels Schumann was dealing with: they then rejected every proposal, even the most profitable. Eventually, in November 1853 at Lipsia, the music publisher Breitkopf offered him a deal on [...]