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Un tres doulx regard – Asteria

The chansons on Asteria’s third album are all gathered from one extraordinary manuscript, the celebrated Oxford 213 manuscript currently housed at the Bodleian Library in England. Aside from being the largest collection of 15th century chansons by known composers like Dufay and Binchois, it contains a great number of anonymous works from the earliest period [...]

Soyes Loyal – Asteria

The New York Times describes their music as “meltingly beautiful,” and this highly anticipated release from Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger, aka Asteria, reveals the full, quiet power and scope of their intimate performance style. Eighteen tracks explore the symbolism of the close of the medieval period in Europe, and a bonus track gives a [...]

Le souvenir de vous me tue – Asteria

How can a voice be so rich and pure at the same time? Sylvia Rhyne’s voice is full-bodied yet pristine, and together with Eric Redlinger, she makes medieval music fresh and relevant by emphasizing its emotional immediacy and themes of love. Le Souvenir De Vous Me Tue emphasizes the lush beauty of music from this [...]

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