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Radio RAI

John Fleagle – World Bliss – Canzoni medievali d’amore e di morte

Singer/instrumentalist John Fleagle created some of the most lyrical and inventive performances of medieval song. With a background in jazz and traditional singing, his voice captivated audiences at festivals around the world. His contemporary style of interpretation breathed life into poems some seven or eight hundred years old–be they in Old French, Latin, Middle English [...]

Jack London – Dutch Courage

“Just our luck!” Gus Lafee finished wiping his hands and sullenly threw the towel upon the rocks. His attitude was one of deep dejection. The light seemed gone out of the day and the glory from the golden sun. Even the keen mountain air was devoid of relish, and the early morning no longer yielded [...]

Antonio Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni – American Baroque

Some of the world’s finest masters of the Baroque repertoire perfom a fresh, lilting interpretation of Vivaldi’s most beloved work. The ensemble’s highest technical command is met with a poetic grasp of the music, with lead violinist Elizabeth Blumenstock’s amazing “hair trigger virtuosity” always pushing the group toward new vistas of expressiveness.   The Four [...]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Quattro strumenti per archi e strumenti a fiato – American Baroque

Both elegant and vivacious, this recording of four Mozart quartets showcases the incredible unity and musicianship that American Baroque has accomplished as an ensemble. A refreshing, uplifiting album with tight, nimble performances. [hifi lofi] Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, mp3 file) [hifi lofi] 01-Oboe Quartet in F (K370) – [...]

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