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Johann Sebastian Bach – Invenzioni e sinfonie – Janine Johnson


Despite the sophistication of the Inventions and Sinfonias, and their value as teaching pieces of performance and compositional technique, these works were not published in Bach’s lifetime, but rather in 1801, 51 years after his death. The “simple” version we are all presently accustomed to comes from this 1801 publication (Neue Bach Ausgabe), though we [...]

Buxtehude – Pachelbel – German Keyboard’s Masters – Janine Johnson


Known for the intricate artwork with which she adorns world-class harpsichords, the multitalented Janine Johnson’s style of playing is elegant yet extremely agile. Her German Keyboard Masters album highlights the splendid work of Dietrich Buxtehude, whom Bach walked for miles to hear and study, and Johann Pachelbel, who was Bach’s brother’s teacher–the brother who in [...]

Chopin – Recital – Janine Johnson


Recorded on a 1890 Broadwood grand piano, Janine Johnson’s Chopin interpretations of Chopin show off her elegant, agile style of playing as well as this Romantic-era composer’s full range of poetic expression. The waltzes are charming, the preludes delicate, and the nocturnes—rich. [hifi lofi] Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, [...]