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Daily Archives: agosto 6th, 2012

Georg Philipp Telemann – Harpsichord Solos from Der Getreue Music Meister – Janine Johnson


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [hifi lofi] Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, mp3 file) [hifi lofi] 01-Trouble fete (Gorner) (2:18) [hifi lofi] 02-Piece pour le Clavessin (Kreysing the Younger) (1:18) [hifi lofi] 03-Partin a Cembalo Solo: Preludio (Telemann) (0:45) [hifi lofi] 04-Partin a Cembalo Solo: Aria Dolce (Telemann) (1:33) [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Suites – Op 22 24 and 29 – Janine Johnson


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Janine Johnson’s original suites showcase her considerable composition talents as well as the thoughtful harpsichord playing for which she is known. Janine is one of those artists who puts enormous quantities of consideration and attention to detail into her work, and it all comes out in the music. Rich tones, [...]

Janine Johnson – Spain – Janine Johnson


No one casts a larger shadow over eighteenth century Spanish keyboard music than the Italian Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). His sonatas written after 1729 are full of imitations of the guitar, and folk tunes with their distinctive rhythms, harmonies and shifts between major and minor. Scarlatti’s genius is that his music preserves the intensity of its [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Selections from JS Bach ClavierUbung III – Janine Johnson


One of my favorite works for organ is the great Praeludium in E flat from Bach’s Clavier Übung III, which is usually followed in recital by the Fugue in E flat, called “St. Anne’s”, though in Bach’s manuscript the two are separated by the entire remainder of the work, 27 pieces in all. As a [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Opere per clavicembalo – Janine Johnson


A visual artist who adorns world class harpsichords with intricate artwork, the multitalented Janine Johnson is also a gifted musician and is known for her elegant yet extremely agile style of playing. This album of J.S. Bach by Johnson was recorded on an instrument commissioned specifically for the performance of his work; her selections were [...]

Georg Philipp Telemann – 12 sonate per violoncello – Vito Paternoster


After suites, sonatas, Bach’s partitas, and many other solo cello pieces, Vito Paternoster continues to challenge himself with the world of unaccompanied music. Particularly, he keeps focusing on cello solo and its expressive universe, in the wake of the 18th-century music, when composers used to rewrite a piece for other instruments to infuse new energy [...]