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Birth of Professional Rugby League in Australia: A selection from the Sydney Morning Herald (1907-08), The by SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

In early 1907 the world of Australian rugby was rocked by the news that a professional New Zealand All Blacks team was set to tour the northern counties of Engliand, where professional rugby had been a reality for more than a decade. The professionalization of Australian rugby was unthinkable, but within a few months the unthinkable had come to pass. The professional All Blacks had played a hastily formed New South Wales team, the great Dally Messenger had joined the New Zealand tour of England, and by 1908 a professional league was formed in Sydney, with several of the teams that play in the NRL today. This selection from the Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage of the fierce debate that ensued, shows how concerns for the welfare of the game and players were mingled with class-interest, colonial ideologies and greed for profit. – Summary by Phil Benson
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Ghost Camp, The by BOLDREWOOD, Rolf

Englishman Valentine Blount is traveling in Australia, looking for his fortune. He meets up with John Carter, a bushman known locally as Little River Jack, who acts as his guide. They come across an abandoned camp – what is the story behind it? Whose camp was it? Why did they leave? – Summary by Lynne Thompson
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Song of the Guns, A by FRANKAU, Gilbert

“A Song of the Guns was written under what are probably the most remarkable conditions in which a poem has ever been composed. The author, who is now serving in Flanders, was present at the battle of Loos, and during a lull in the fighting–when the gunners, who had been sleepless for five nights, were resting like tired dogs under their guns–he jotted down the main theme of the poem. After the battle the artillery brigade to which he was attached was ordered to Ypres, and it was during the long trench warfare in this district, within sight of the ruined tower of Ypres Cathedral, that the poem was finally completed. The last three stanzas were written at midnight in Brigade Headquarters with the German shells screaming over into the ruined town.” – Summary by Publisher’s Note
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Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 7: Part 1: Ali Pacha by DUMAS, Alexandre

Ali Tepeleni, Pacha of Janina, rose to power during the early 1800s in one of the Ottoman Empire’s most unruly territories (Albania). His ferocious imposition of will was limitless, earning him the sobriquet of “the Lion of Janina.” As the mauling and murder of innocents sustains the lion, so did it sustain Ali Pacha’s rule. Thus, the range of celebrated crimes that Dumas describes in this essay are as vast as Ali Pacha’s ambition – an ambition rooted in his mother’s callous advice that “success justified everything, and everything is permissible to him who has the power to do it.” – Summary by jvanstan
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Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey by LOCKWOOD, Ingersoll

The Little Baron Trump is a man of adventure. He and his dog Bulger have already braved many adventures together, but at the time our story opens, they are kind of dull at home, upset with the increasing familiarity of both two- and four legged neighbours. What to do? Luckily, an old manuscript of the learned Spaniard, Don Constantino Bartolomeo Strepholofidgeguaneriusfum, falls into his hands, and off he goes to a journey to the centre of the earth.

This is a remarkable book from 1893, blending the tradition of the Münchhausen stories with more modern fantasy and science fiction. – Summary by Carolin
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Gypsy, the Talking Dog; a Story for Young Folks by JENKS, Tudor

Gypsy is a particularly smart little dog, who knows a lot of tricks which he performed with his owner, a street artist. But one day, he is stolen from this owner and kidnapped, and brought aboard a ship to be transported away. Luckily he gets to meet Galopoff, the talking pony, on that ship, who helps him escape. A world of adventure opens to Gypsy, until he finds a good home. – Summary by Carolin
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