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Mystery of the Ravenspurs, The by WHITE, Fred M.

The Ravenspurs have for generations resided quietly in prosperity and comfort at their seaside castle. But the clan is suddenly besieged with strange happenings which are dwindling the population of the family to only a few which remain, and those few find themselves in fear of becoming the very last of the powerful family if the cause of their untimely deaths and disappearances is not uncovered soon. It will take a great deal of detective work and a touch of travel to help unravel the mystery of the Ravenspurs. (Roger Melin)
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English Stornelli by WEBSTER, Augusta

In this sequence Augusta Webster experimented with eight-line verses grouped thematically by the seasons of the year. These poems also explore the cyclical stages of life from youth, courtship and parenthood through age and loss. Summary by Newgatenovelist.
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Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada by KING, Clarence

“Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada” is a memoir by Clarence King of his adventures and work with the California Geological Survey. King later led a major survey of along the 40th Parallel in the American West and then was appointed the first director of the new U.S. Geological Survey.

King’s 1872 “Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada” exhibits a modern sense of timing and insight, and his accounts of hand-and-foot rock climbing seem as fresh as last week’s blog post. He was part of the Victorian wave of mountain-climbing that first scaled the highest world peaks in the mid-19th century and, as a scientist, was part of a similar wave of new theories and discoveries: Darwinian evolution, glaciers, volcanism, erosion, earthquakes, topographical techniques, and human ecology. California had just passed through the Gold Rush years, and further survey of the Sierra Nevada was desired to extend knowledge of California economic geography.

While listening to this historic book, please consult a supplemental web resource at which provides 19th century references, photographs of Clarence King and the Sierras, geologic definitions, and links.

The book is arranged in 14 chapters, each with a distinct purpose. Chapter 1 ‘The Range’ starts slowly as a geologic history and description of the Sierra Nevada, then switches midway to an adventure across the desert. Chapter 2 ‘The Forest’ likewise starts at a slower pace as King describes in detail the pine and sequoia forest through which the corps of discovery moves, then switches to a human interest story of the Maidu Indians. Chapters 3, 4, 11, 12, and 13 are mountaineering stories at their finest, from a time when technical gear consisted of ropes and hob-nailed shoes only. Chapters 7 and 8 describes King’s participation in the boundary survey of the new Yosemite National Park. Chapters 5, 6, 9, 10, and 14 are centered on human interest stories in the Sierra Nevada. (Melanie Schleeter McCalmont)

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Leonora by BENNETT, Arnold

Leonora Stanway is 40 and lives a comfortable middle-class life with her unsympathetic and dull husband, John. Her three daughters are rapidly growing up and away and she regrets that her life has become dull, domesticated and meaningless. Arthur Twemlow, the son of John’s former business partner, blows into Leonora’s life and that of her family. Meanwhile, old Uncle Meshach has re-written his will . . . . – Summary by Simon Evers

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