Catharine de Bora; or, Social and Domestic Scenes in the Life of Luther by MORRIS, John G.

“There are many interesting and characteristic incidents in the domestic life of Luther which are not found in biographies of the great Reformer. The character of his wife has not been portrayed in full, and who does not wish to become better acquainted with a woman who mingled many a drop of balsam in those numerous cups of sorrow which her celebrated husband was compelled to drink?
This little book is the result of extensive research, and exhibits facts attested by the most reliable authorities, many of which will be new to those of my readers who have not investigated this particular subject.” from the Preface by John G. Morris, a noted Lutheran scholar from Baltimore, Maryland. These chapters start with a discussion of celibacy and marriage in the church, describe Lutheran’s marriage to and life with Catharine de Bora, and her life after the reformers death, and accounts of their children.
– Summary by Larry Wilson
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