Inconstant, The by FARQUHAR, George

Subtitled “The Way to Win Him:, this play is placed in Paris – a change from many others of Farquhar’s plays which used English settings – though still presented to the same English audience. “This comedy … had a reception, on the first night of its appearance, far inferior to that of his other productions. It was, with difficulty, saved from condemnation; and the author … boldly charged some secret enemies with having attempted its destruction.” (I can sympathize with the author; I think this play is as complex and funny as all his rest. – thw) – Summary by ToddHW and Mrs Inchbald, a critic of the 1800s

Cast list:

Old Mirabel: ToddHW
Young Mirabel: Tomas Peter
Captain Duretete: Craig Franklin
Dugard: Nemo
Petit: Eva Davis
Bravo 1: alanmapstone
Bravo 2: tovarisch
Bravo 3: Chuck Williamson
Bravo 4: Son of the Exiles
Oriana: Leanne Yau
Bisarre: Sonia
Lamorce: Rapunzelina
Lady: Availle
Page: Sandra Schmit
Stage Directions: Kalynda
Edited By:  ToddHW

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