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John Fleagle – World Bliss – Canzoni medievali d’amore e di morte

Singer/instrumentalist John Fleagle created some of the most lyrical and inventive performances of medieval song. With a background in jazz and traditional singing, his voice captivated audiences at festivals around the world.

His contemporary style of interpretation breathed life into poems some seven or eight hundred years old–be they in Old French, Latin, Middle English or Gaelic. He fashioned compelling arrangements of his songs on beautiful reconstructions of medieval stringed instruments: lute, gothic harp and hurdy-gurdy, which he also designed and built.

Fleagle is well known to radio audiences here and abroad for his epic musical storytelling adventures, including the Voyage of Saint Brendan and the Roman de Silence. He can be heard, as well, on Erato, New Albion and BMG records.
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[hifi lofi] 01-Alysoun (4:07)
[hifi lofi] 02-Blow Northerne Wynd (3:18)
[hifi lofi] 03-Da Day Dawn (2:08)
[hifi lofi] 04-Twa Corbies (1:54)
[hifi lofi] 05-Death and the Lady (2:47)
[hifi lofi] 06-Winter Wakeneth (2:31)
[hifi lofi] 07-Nou Shrinketh Rose (5:16)
[hifi lofi] 08-Doon da Rooth (1:47)
[hifi lofi] 09-O Speculum Spericum (2:44)
[hifi lofi] 10-The Hern (5:27)
[hifi lofi] 11-Maiden in the Moor (1:47)
[hifi lofi] 12-Worldes Blis (4:42)
[hifi lofi] 13-George Collins (3:36)
[hifi lofi] 14-Nottamun Town (2:56)
[hifi lofi] 15-I Have a Yong Suster (3:04)

Worlds Bliss – Medieval Songs of Love and Death by John Fleagle




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