Multilingual Short Works Collection 018 – Poetry & Prose by VARIOUS

This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English). All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers.

01 – Brazilian portuguese – Fulano in Historias sem Data key words: prose, fiction, irony
02 – Brazilian portuguese – Primas de Sapucaia! in Historias sem Data key words: prose, fiction, irony
03 – French – Éloge de Pierre Corneille key words: prose eulogy of Pierre Corneille by fellow playwright and Academician Jean Racine
04 – French – L’Ennemi (from ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’) key words: poetry, memoirs, Les Fleurs du Mal, regrets, sadness, nostalgia, youth lost, passage of time, sorrow
05 – French – La tirade des nons merci (acte 2 scène VIII) de Cyrano de Bergerac key words: Tirade from a play
06 – German – In der Fremde key words: poetry
07 – German – Gebet eines Kindes key words: poetry
08 – German – Musa key words: prose
09 – German – Ostern key words: poetry
10 – Italian – Lettera a Filippo Tommaso Marinetti key words: letter
11 – Kurdish – Mem û Zîn, Chapter One key words: poetry
12 – Luxembourgish – En drolécht Gespènst key words: joke, ghost, cemetary, peasant, priest
13 – Romanian – Concertul in Lunca key words: poetry
14 – Romanian – După Doǐ Seculǐ key words: poetry
15 – Romanian – Noaptea key words: poetry
16 – Romanian – SOARELE, VÎNTUL ȘI GERUL key words: poetry
17 – Spanish – Breve historia veraz de un pericote key words: Cuento corto, carta, pericote, Abraham Valdelomar
18 – Spanish – La Niña Mimosa key words: prose, fiction, humor, memoirs, love, youth, Victorian, Spain, nostalgia
19 – Spanish – Hebaristo, el sauce que murió de amor key words: Hebaristo, sauce, cuento corto, cuento peruano, Abraham Valdelomar
20 – Ukrainian – Dr. Besserwisser key words: short satire
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