Phoenix and the Carpet (version 3 Dramatic Version), The by NESBIT, E.

Cyril, Robert, Anthea and Jane need a new carpet for the nursery, but it turns out to be a magic carpet containing a phoenix egg! They discover how to hatch the egg, but a magical creature with a big ego and a wishing carpet that can read but not talk leads straight to another hilarious series of adventures! Throw in a thief, a cook, a lot of cats and a cow, and stir well with a Phoenix feather for a recipe for excitement…

The second book of the “Psammead” trilogy, following on directly after “Five Children and It” sees the children once again being caught up in magic events which, despite their best intentions, cause chaos and usually result in their being sent to bed! (Summary by Beth Thomas)
Narrated by Beth Thomas
Phoenix: Peter Yearsley
Anthea: Arielle Lipshaw
Cyril: Aaron M. Lebowitz
Robert: Lydia
Jane: Rachel

Other characters read by: Amy Deuchler, Diane Alailima, Ezwa, Jenna Eleni, Jennifer Fournier, Kangaroo, KHand, Larry Wilson,Leanne Yau, Sonia, ToddHW, Tomas Peter, Twinkle, Vicki Hibbins,

Edited by: Kim, Devorah Allen, Arielle Lipshaw, and Rachel
This title is avalable for free download at:

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