Rainy Week (Version 2) by ABBOTT, Eleanor Hallowell

A couple invite people of different walks of life to their cottage along the beach, during the rainiest week of the year. The gathered people are unknowing actors in a carefully crafted play that is created by inviting personalities that can be manipulated by the ever changing environment, or by other nearby personalities. ( Glenn Koster, Jr.)

“To be indeed absolutely explicit experience has proved, with an almost chemical accuracy, that, quite regardless of “age, sex, or previous condition of servitude,” this particular combination of Romantic Passion, Psychic Austerity, Tragedy, Ambition, Poignancy, Innocence, And Irritation, cannot be housed together for even one Rainy Week without producing drama!” (Eleanor Hallowell Abbott)

This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

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