Recollections of Old Liverpool by a Nonagenarian by STONEHOUSE, James

These reflections of a 93 year old Liverpudlian provide a unique view of life in late 19th to mid19th century Liverpool. They were transcribed as they were related by him and, as a result this narrative has the ring of authenticity to it and is enlivened by many colorful anecdotes. Published first in a local magazine in Liverpool, they drew sufficient interest to by expanded and collected and published in this volume.

The nonagenarian refers to himself in the following manner:
“My friends say I am a wonderful old man. I believe I am. . . . My memory is surprising. . . . I can recollect every occurrence that has fallen under my cognizance sine I was six years old. I do not remember so well events that have taken place during the last twenty or thirty years, as they seem confused to me; but whatever happened of which I had some knowledge during my boyish days and early manhood, is most vividly impressed upon my memory.” – Summary by DrPGould
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