Uccellini – Altri Stromenti

Ensemble "Altri Stromenti" - Archivio Magnatune

Poland’s premiere period instrument ensemble Altri Stromenti (which means “other instruments”) delivers an enchanting interpretation of Marco Uccellini’s work. Music Director Leszek Firek chooses a great selection of this Baroque composer’s elegant and highly textured chamber music, and compliments it with a few well placed vocal pieces by other composers.

Ukranian soprano Olga Pasiecznik’s performances on three tracks are of particular note on this release, because she’s an absolute gem. Her performance of “Confitebor” and “Al Sacramento” are revelations: this is the human voice at its most fresh, airy, and graceful.


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[hifi lofi] 01-Confitebor (Monteverdi) (5:37)
[hifi lofi] 02-La Febre (Uccellini) (2:00)
[hifi lofi] 03-La Tarantola (Uccellini) (2:30)
[hifi lofi] 04-La Tartaruga (Uccellini) (3:17)
[hifi lofi] 05-La Transformata (Uccellini) (4:02)
[hifi lofi] 06-La Vecchia (Cazzati) (4:15)
[hifi lofi] 07-Al Sacramento (Strozzi) (5:52)
[hifi lofi] 08-La Ciaccona (Uccellini) (2:53)
[hifi lofi] 09-Sonata Ottava (Uccellini) (4:17)
[hifi lofi] 10-Beatus (Uccellini) (7:44)
[hifi lofi] 11-La Bucefalasca (Uccellini) (2:00)
[hifi lofi] 12-La Leona (Uccellini) (2:45)
[hifi lofi] 13-La Reggiana (Uccellini) (2:46)
[hifi lofi] 14-La Torella (Uccellini) (2:30)
[hifi lofi] 15-Alla Roversa (Uccellini) (2:10)
[hifi lofi] 16-Sonada (Wroclawski) (2:58)
[hifi lofi] 17-Trombetta Sordina (Uccellini) (6:25)


Uccellini by Altri Stromenti

Musiche italiane del XVII secolo – Ensemble Altri Stromenti

Ensemble Altri Stromenti - Archivio Magnatune

Bringing an album’s worth of undiluted Viennese grace and elegance to life, Altri Stromenti Music Director Leszek Firek shows deep literacy and understanding of the music from this period. Features the work of Giovanni Battista Buonamente, as well as Uccellini, Legrenzi, and several other composers of the day.

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[hifi lofi] 01-La Savorgnana (Giovanni Legrenzi) (4:35)
[hifi lofi] 02-Sonata Prima Detta La Poggia (Marco Uccellini) (3:40)
[hifi lofi] 03-Ballo Del Gran Ducca (Giovanni Battista Buonamente) (7:10)
[hifi lofi] 04-Avanti Il Quarto Brando (Giovanni Battista Buonamente) (2:22)
[hifi lofi] 05-Gagliard Seconda (Giovanni Battista Buonamente) (1:39)
[hifi lofi] 06-Aria Nona (Marco Uccellini) (3:18)
[hifi lofi] 07-La Moneverda (Tarquinio Merula) (3:46)
[hifi lofi] 08-La Maltese (Mauritio Cazzati) (2:55)
[hifi lofi] 09-Sonata Prima (Marco Uccellini) (7:25)
[hifi lofi] 10-Il Barizone (Biagio Marini) (1:18)
[hifi lofi] 11-Gagliarda Terza (Giovanni Battista Buonamente) (2:06)
[hifi lofi] 12-La Giroloma (Maritio Cazzati) (3:36)
[hifi lofi] 13-La Cornara (Giovanni Legrenzi) (2:30)
[hifi lofi] 14-Sonata Terza Detta La Tamberlana (Marco Uccellini) (2:22)
[hifi lofi] 15-Sonata Quarta (Dario Castello) (6:00)
[hifi lofi] 16-Sonata Seconda for Soprano Solo (Dario Castello) (5:16)
[hifi lofi] 17-La Brena (Tarquinio Merula) (2:22)
[hifi lofi] 18-La Zabarella (Giovanni Legrenzi) (3:40)
[hifi lofi] 19-La Ferrara (Tarquinio Merula) (2:39)

Italian Music of the 17th Century by Altri Stromenti