For the Love of Jacqueline – Mdieval Songs by Antoine Busnoys (1430-1492)

La copertina del disco

Antoine Busnoys (1430-1492) ranks among the most avant-garde and prescient composers of his time; a proto-Renaissance composer who is nonetheless firmly grounded in the courtly love tradition of the provencal troubadours.

For the Love of Jaqueline tracks the highs and lows of a real medieval romance through Busnoys’ sumptuous music and poetry, with new arrangements by Asteria directly from a 15th century song book found in Dijon, France (Dij MS 517) and recorded at the 14th century Burgundian palace of Germolles.


For the Love of Jaqueline by Asteria

Magnatune Christmas Compilation

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[hifi lofi] 01-Angels We Have Heard on High – Hark The Herald Angels Sing (James Edwards) (3:26)
[hifi lofi] 02-Dancing Day Part I – A Virgin Most Pure (Stephane Potvin and the Con Brio Choir) (5:26)
[hifi lofi] 03-Good King Wenceslas (James Edwards) (2:02)
[hifi lofi] 04-I Saw Three Ships (James Edwards) (1:31)
[hifi lofi] 05-Megan’s Daughter (Cheryl Ann Fulton) (4:29)
[hifi lofi] 06-Gloucestershire Wassail – Wassail Song (James Edwards) (2:43)
[hifi lofi] 07-Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (3:29)
[hifi lofi] 08-Sans Day Carrol – Sussex Carol – Deck The Halls (James Edwards) (1:39)
[hifi lofi] 09-Allegro (Richard Savino) (2:31)
[hifi lofi] 10-Jingle Bells (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (2:12)
[hifi lofi] 11-Shchedrik – Carol of the Bells (Kitka) (1:23)
[hifi lofi] 12-Bella Gioiosa (Jacob Heringman) (0:47)
[hifi lofi] 13-Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (2:12)
[hifi lofi] 14-We Three Kings (James Edwards) (2:36)
[hifi lofi] 15-Romanesca (Cheryl Ann Fulton) (2:31)
[hifi lofi] 16-God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (1:56)
[hifi lofi] 17-Dancing Day Part II – Coventry Carol (Stephane Potvin and the Con Brio Choir) (3:47)
[hifi lofi] 18-The First Noel – Silent Night (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (2:57)
[hifi lofi] 19-Silent Night (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks) (3:15)
[hifi lofi] 20-Waissel – Polish Dance (Jacob Heringman) (1:49)
[hifi lofi] 21-Con Amores Mi Madre (Dufay Collective) (2:08)
[hifi lofi] 22-What Child Is This – Greensleeves (James Edwards) (2:32)
[hifi lofi] 23-Le Souvenir De Vous Me Tue (Asteria) (1:27)
[hifi lofi] 24-Shen Khar Venakhi (Kitka) (4:11)


Christmas Music by Magnatune Compilation

Un tres doulx regard – Asteria

The chansons on Asteria’s third album are all gathered from one extraordinary manuscript, the celebrated Oxford 213 manuscript currently housed at the Bodleian Library in England. Aside from being the largest collection of 15th century chansons by known composers like Dufay and Binchois, it contains a great number of anonymous works from the earliest period of the the 15th century. Asteria chose to focus on this exquisite body of little-known works for Un tres doulx regard, and many of these songs have never before been recorded before.

Just like the shy lover who is knocked off his feet by the merest glance from the object of his affections, the music of the first generation of Burgundian composers at the end of the ars nova is infused with the sweetness and explosive passion of new love. “Un tres doulx regard” – A most sweet glance – is the result of extensive archival research into this little-known period, dating roughly from 1390 to 1420, just before the meteoric rise (and subsequent fall) of Burgundian power and influence that would briefly propel Franco/Flemish art and music to the very apex of European fashion.

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[hifi lofi] 01-Pour lamour de ma doulce amye (Dufay) (3:09)
[hifi lofi] 02-Ce jour de lan voudray joye mener (Dufay) (2:02)
[hifi lofi] 03-Dame donnour et de tous biens garnye (anon) (1:41)
[hifi lofi] 04-La doulce flour qui de moy honnouree (anon) (3:18)
[hifi lofi] 05-Tristre dolent plain de pensee – lute (anon) (1:33)
[hifi lofi] 06-Entre vos nouviaux maries (le Grant) (1:33)
[hifi lofi] 07-Puis que je suy amoureux (anon) (3:08)
[hifi lofi] 08-Puisque je nay plus de maystresse (Vide) (2:15)
[hifi lofi] 09-Pour deleissier tristresse et joye avoir (anon) (3:10)
[hifi lofi] 10-Pleysir soulas desduit et joye (anon) (2:30)
[hifi lofi] 11-Se liesse est de ma partie (le Grant) (3:56)
[hifi lofi] 12-Pour tant se jay le barbe grise (anon) (2:52)
[hifi lofi] 13-Tant plus vos voy tant plus me sembles belle – lute (anon) (2:03)
[hifi lofi] 14-De plus en plus se renouvelle (Binchois) (3:41)
[hifi lofi] 15-Dones confort a vostre amy (anon) (2:20)
[hifi lofi] 16-Mon povre cuer na que tristresse (anon) (3:52)
[hifi lofi] 17-Veuillies hoster de che dangier (anon) (2:30)
[hifi lofi] 18-Layssies moy coy je vous en prye (le Grant) (3:59)
[hifi lofi] 19-Mon plus haut bien (anon) (4:15)
[hifi lofi] 20-Pour mesdisans ne pour leur faulx parler (anon) (4:45)
[hifi lofi] 21-Amours venes mon cuer reconforter – lute (anon) (2:12)
[hifi lofi] 22-Cuer triste et mas sans solace et sans joye (anon) (2:16)


Un Tres Doulx Regard by Asteria

Soyes Loyal – Asteria

The New York Times describes their music as “meltingly beautiful,” and this highly anticipated release from Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger, aka Asteria, reveals the full, quiet power and scope of their intimate performance style. Eighteen tracks explore the symbolism of the close of the medieval period in Europe, and a bonus track gives a preview of their upcoming album of early 16th century Parisian chansons. Full liner notes and fourteen scores from the album included with download.

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[hifi lofi] 01-Lute Incipit (0:24)
[hifi lofi] 02-Vergine Bella (3:44)
[hifi lofi] 03-N’aurai-je Jamais Mieux (2:49)
[hifi lofi] 04-Ma Dame Trop Vous Mesprenes (2:22)
[hifi lofi] 05-Tant Est Mignonne Ma Pensee (1:28)
[hifi lofi] 06-J’atendray Tant (3:51)
[hifi lofi] 07-Ma Doulce Amour (2:11)
[hifi lofi] 08-Se Mon Cuer (1:34)
[hifi lofi] 09-Vit Encore (1:55)
[hifi lofi] 10-Of A Rose Singe We (lute) (2:01)
[hifi lofi] 11-Dueil Angoisseux (7:55)
[hifi lofi] 12-Of A Rose Singe We (2:49)
[hifi lofi] 13-Ne Je Ne Dors (4:15)
[hifi lofi] 14-Soyes Loyal (2:03)
[hifi lofi] 15-Jamais Tant (lute) (2:15)
[hifi lofi] 16-Seule Esgaree (4:15)
[hifi lofi] 17-There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue (3:29)
[hifi lofi] 18-Lute Exeunt (0:43)
[hifi lofi] 19-Encore (2:42)


Soyes Loyal by Asteria

Le souvenir de vous me tue – Asteria

Ensemble "Asteria" - Archivio Magnatune

How can a voice be so rich and pure at the same time? Sylvia Rhyne’s voice is full-bodied yet pristine, and together with Eric Redlinger, she makes medieval music fresh and relevant by emphasizing its emotional immediacy and themes of love. Le Souvenir De Vous Me Tue emphasizes the lush beauty of music from this era as well as the expressiveness of the texts, and features music from the court of Phillip the Good—a French duke known for his passionate patronage of the arts and chivalrous world-view.

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[hifi lofi] 01-Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle (anon from Oxford Can Misc 213) (3:51)
[hifi lofi] 02-Vive Ma Dame (Robert Morton) (4:56)
[hifi lofi] 03-Vas t’ent souspir (Estienne Grossin) (1:19)
[hifi lofi] 04-le Souvenir de Vous Me Tue (lute) (Robert Morton) (1:23)
[hifi lofi] 05-Le Souvenir De Vous Me Tue (Robert Morton) (3:30)
[hifi lofi] 06-Hora Cridar Oyme (anon from the Mellon Chansonier) (2:09)
[hifi lofi] 07-Humble Pitie (anon from Oxford Can Misc 213) (1:57)
[hifi lofi] 08-Dona Gentile (lute) (Guillaume Dufay) (1:24)
[hifi lofi] 09-Se La Face Ay Pale (Guillaume Dufay) (2:46)
[hifi lofi] 10-Pour Prison (Gilles Binchois) (3:27)
[hifi lofi] 11-De Los Alamos Vengo Madre (Juan Vasquez) (2:19)
[hifi lofi] 12-Adieu Ces Bons Vins De Lannoys (Guillaume Dufay) (4:26)
[hifi lofi] 13-Ich Will Zu Land Ausreiten (Johannes Stahl) (3:32)


Le Souvenir de Vous me Tue by Asteria