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Stefan Zweig – Brennendes Geheimnis – Audiobook – Librivox

Während der Sommerfrische mit seiner Mutter am Semmering, freundet sich der 12-jährige Edgar mit einem im selben Hotel verweilenden Baron an. Dieser ist jedoch nicht an ihm, sondern nur an seiner Mutter interessiert. Edgar versucht mit allen Mitteln eine Freundschaft zwischen dem Baron und seiner Mutter zu sabotieren (ohne wirklich zu begreifen, was vor sich geht). Verzweifelt bemüht er sich schnellstmöglich erwachsen zu werden, doch muss er bald einsehen, dass das (altro…)

Giacomo Leopardi – Ultimo canto di Saffo – Audiobook – Lettura di Sergio Baldelli

Placida notte, e verecondo raggio
della cadente luna; e tu, che spunti
fra la tacita selva in su la rupe,
nunzio del giorno; oh dilettose e care,
mentre ignote mi fûr l’Erinni e il Fato (…)

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Luigi Pirandello – Novelle per un anno – Vol. 05 – La mosca – Audiobook

Novelle per un anno, vol. 05: La Mosca
Luigi PIRANDELLO (1867 – 1936)
Novelle per un anno è una raccolta di 241 novelle scritte da Luigi Pirandello. Originariamente sono state pubblicate sul Corriere della Sera, successivamente ripubblicate in 15 raccolte. Inizialmente erano previste 24 raccolte contenenti 365 novelle, tuttavia la prematura morte dell’autore ha impedito il raggiungimento del traguardo. Postume sono state pubblicate altre novelle scritte dall’autore. Le raccolte sono state pubblicate tra (altro…)

William Shakespeare – Sonnets – Audiobook

Filename Size Date
sonnets_001-010_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,314,928   7/26/07  10:52 pm
sonnets_011-020_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,373,442   7/26/07  10:57 pm
sonnets_021-030_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,257,668   7/26/07  10:58 pm
sonnets_031-040_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,559,225   7/26/07  10:57 pm
sonnets_041-050_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,440,525   7/26/07  10:58 pm
sonnets_051-060_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,220,678   7/26/07  10:56 pm
sonnets_061-070_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,212,110   7/26/07  10:53 pm
sonnets_071-080_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,265,818   7/26/07  10:56 pm
sonnets_081-090_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,484,620   7/26/07  10:52 pm
sonnets_091-100_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,606,873   7/26/07  10:51 pm
sonnets_101-110_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,387,444   7/26/07  10:53 pm
sonnets_111-120_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,378,040   7/26/07  10:54 pm
sonnets_121-130_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,403,536   7/26/07  10:55 pm
sonnets_131-140_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 4,434,673   7/26/07  10:55 pm
sonnets_141-154_shakespeare_64kb.mp3 5,979,660   7/26/07  10:54 pm


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Jacob Abbott – Alexander The Great

EText-No. 30624
Title: Alexander the Great – Makers of History
Author: Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Language: English
Link: cache/generated/30624/pg30624.epub
Link: cache/generated/30624/pg30624-images.epub

EText-No. 30624
Title: Alexander the Great – Makers of History
Author: Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Language: English
Link: 3/0/6/2/30624/30624-h/30624-h.htm

EText-No. 30624
Title: Alexander the Great – Makers of History
Author: Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Language: English
Link: cache/generated/30624/
Link: cache/generated/30624/

EText-No. 30624
Title: Alexander the Great – Makers of History
Author: Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Language: English
Link: 3/0/6/2/30624/30624-8.txt
Link: 3/0/6/2/30624/30624.txt
Link: cache/generated/30624/pg30624.txt.utf8

EText-No. 30624
Title: Alexander the Great – Makers of History
Author: Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Language: English
Link: 3/0/6/2/30624/

EText-No. 30624
Title: (altro…)

Edith Wharton – The Descent of Man and other Stories – Audiobook

This collection of ten stories, first published in 1904, shows Edith Wharton dissecting some of the customs, habits and vagaries of courtship and marriage, particularly as practiced in the upper reaches of New York society at the turn of the twentieth century (two stories, however, are set in Italy). Fidelity is only one problem; others may arise from the machinations and emotions of the protagonists or outsiders. Wharton handles the questions (altro…)

John Clare – November

LibriVox volunteers bring you 20 recordings of November by John Clare. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 18, 2012

John Clare was an English poet, the son of a farm labourer, who came to be known for his celebratory representations of the English countryside and his lamentation of its disruption. His poetry underwent a major re-evaluation in the late 20th century and he is often now considered to be among (altro…)

Francis Scott Fitzgerald – Ice Palace

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Oscar Wilde – The House of Pomegranades – Audiobook

A House of Pomegranates (1891) is a collection of fairy tales, written by Oscar Wilde, that was published as a second collection for The Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888). Wilde once said that this collection was “intended neither for the British child nor the British public.”

Emily Dickinson – Poems – Series Two – Audiobook

“The eagerness with which the first volume of Emily Dickinson’s poems has been read shows very clearly that all our alleged modern artificiality does not prevent a prompt appreciation of the qualities of directness and simplicity in approaching the greatest themes,—life and love and death. That “irresistible needle-touch,” as one of her best critics has called it, piercing at once the very core of a thought, has found a response as (altro…)

Justin McCarthy – Red Diamonds – Audiobook

In the South African wilderness, six men got together to mine for diamonds and become very rich. They agree that the wealth is to be split equally between them or their heirs after a few years and that the share of any one who died without leaving an heir or whose heir died before the time would be split between the remaining partners.

Soon, all heirs are notified and wait expectantly for (altro…)

Thomas Hardy – The Hand of Ethelberta – Audiobook

Ethelberta was raised in humble circumstances but became a governess and consequently, at the age of 18, married well. However, her husband died two weeks after the wedding. Her father-in-law, Lord Petherwin, died shortly afterwards. Ethelberta (now 21) lives with her mother-in-law, Lady Petherwin. In the three years that have elapsed since her marriage, Ethelberta has been treated to foreign travel and further privileges by Lady Petherwin but restricted from seeing (altro…)

Anne Wales Abbott – Autumn Leaves – Audiobook – MP3 – OGG

Total running time: 4:22:00
In addition to the readers, this audio book was produced by:
Book Coordinator: David Lawrence
Dedicated Proof-Listener: Neeru Iyer
Meta-Coordinator/Cataloging: David Lawrence

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Three Essays on Religion by Mill, John Stuart

The Three Essays on Religion were written at different times during Mill’s life, and only published after his death. The first two, ‘Nature’ and ‘The Utility of Religion’ date from the 1850s – the period between the publication of ‘The Principles of Political Economy’ and ‘On Liberty’. The third longer essay, ‘Theism’ was written between 1868 and 1870. The three essays were published posthumously in 1874. (Summary by Justin Brett)

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Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey, Giles

On Modern Library’s list of 100 Best Non-Fiction books, “Eminent Victorians” marked an epoch in the art of biography; it also helped to crack the old myths of high Victorianism and to usher in a new spirit by which chauvinism, hypocrisy and the stiff upper lip were debunked. In it, Strachey cleverly exposes the self-seeking ambitions of Cardinal Manning and the manipulative, neurotic Florence Nightingale; and in his essays on Dr (altro…)

Lyrical Ballads (1798) by Wordsworth, William, Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems is a collection of poems by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, first published in 1798 and generally considered to have marked the beginning of the English Romantic movement in literature. The immediate effect on critics was modest, but it became and remains a landmark, changing the course of English literature and poetry. Most of the poems in the 1798 edition were written by (altro…)

Old-Fashioned Fairy Book, The by Harrison, Constance Cary

“And now, mamma, until your tea is ready, we know what you must do,” said the children, in a breath. “Tell us a story—a ‘real, truly’ fairy tale, about a giant and a dwarf, lots and lots of fairies, a prince and a beautiful princess with hair to her very feet, a champion with a magic sword, a dragon-chariot, a witch dressed in snake-skin—and, if you can, an ogre. Don’t punish (altro…)