/ Antonio Vivaldi – Le quattro stagioni in forma di sonata per violoncello – Vito Paternoster (violoncello)

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Antonio Vivaldi – Le quattro stagioni in forma di sonata per violoncello – Vito Paternoster (violoncello)


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Vito Paternoster performed has performed Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” perhaps 1000 times in 35 years all around the world. He has also recorded it 6 times with the best Italian violinists (three times with the label Philips Classic-Universal, once with Sony jp, twice with Arcadia kr). He now proposes his [...]

Georg Philipp Telemann – 12 sonate per violoncello – Vito Paternoster


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After suites, sonatas, Bach’s partitas, and many other solo cello pieces, Vito Paternoster continues to challenge himself with the world of unaccompanied music. Particularly, he keeps focusing on cello solo and its expressive universe, in the wake of the 18th-century music, when composers used to rewrite a piece for other [...]

Vito Paternoster – Concerti e serenate per violoncello


Robert Schumann : “Unperformable” the cellist Robert Bockmuehl commented after the rehearsal on March the 23th 1851. Unfortunately, his commentary had a negative influence on record labels Schumann was dealing with: they then rejected every proposal, even the most profitable. Eventually, in November 1853 at Lipsia, the music publisher Breitkopf offered him a deal on [...]

Vito Paternoster – Vito Paternoster plays Haydn & Boccherini


These famous cello concertos are played here for cello solo and bass without orchestra, in a world premiere recording of these works with this instrumentation. Renowned cellist Vito Paternoster discovered a manuscript dating back to the early nineteenth century, where a cellist realizes for cello and bass a transcription of the famous concerto in C [...]

Vito Paternoster – Solo cello works by JS Bach, CPE Bach, Biber and Paternoster


As Bach emphasized in his own Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, the practice of cello solo combines different meanings: monody and polyphony, tonality and modality, the ancient and the modern. Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, mp3 file) [hifi lofi] 01-Allemande Partita for violoncello solo in re min BWV1013 (JS [...]

Vito Paternoster – Sinfonie e Sonate del settecento italiano per Violoncello e Basso Continuo


Vito Paternoster, a pioneer of Baroque music in Italy, picks five of the most beautiful Italian Baroque sonatas for cello. B Marcello, FP Scipriani (in world premiere recording), GB Pergolesi, F Geminiani and F Martino, ( edited by Ricordi inc.) performed with virtuosity and lyricism, bring us back to the sounds, voices and colors of [...]

Sergio Azzolini and Vito Paternoster play Mozart and Haydn


Could you ever think that these two instruments (cello and bassoon) could form a duo? And yet, three different composers (WA Mozart, F Danzi and FJ Haydn) believed just that: the first one composing a beautiful sonata for cello and bassoon, the second one transcribing some of the most beautiful Mozart’s melodies, and the third [...]

Vito Paternoster – Inzaffirio


Oh how we love the echoing, haunting beauty of Italian cellist Vito Paternoster’s Inzaffirio, a distillation of the preludes from Bach’s Cello Suites. Following each prelude is an arrangement for solo cello, voice, and string orchestra. Soprano Patrizia Pace’s voice is both pristine and incredibly powerful, and its straightforward purity nicely counterbalances the detail and [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Sonate e partite per violino solo eseguite sul violoncello – Vito Paternoster


How exciting! Internationally acclaimed Vito Paternoster is the first cellist to record the complete Bach sonatas and partitas for Solo Cello (originally for the violin), and here demonstrates the full scope of his considerable powers. Part of Bach’s genius was being able to give harmonic self-sufficience and polyphony to solo instruments—a quality that suits Paternoster’s [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Sei suites per violoncello solo – Vito Paternoster – 2 CD – MP3 – OGG


  Ah, no one does the bittersweet elegance of Bach like internatinoally acclaimed cellist Vito Paternoster. We love his stripped down, soulful approach to the six Bach cello suites; it really brings out their autumnal quality, and makes them everything they should be—full of both light and shadow, sorrow and joy. A wonderful, timeless recording [...]

Vito Paternoster – Between old and new – MP3 – OGG


The famous cellist renowned for his performances of Baroque music crosses the modern world. Vito Paternoster between old and new. Paternoster sings, plays piano, cello, offering also a series of pieces where the melodies intend to open ourselves to the peace, humor and nostalgia. Play all tracks as an m3u audio stream (or xspf, ogg, [...]