Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in sol minore K476 – Allegro – Janine Johnson

Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in sol minore K476 – Allegro – Janine Johnson


Daniel Estrem – Collage – Chitarra a otto corde

This collage album is comprised of several musical styles: The Baroque period represented by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), the Classical period by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), and the Romantic period by Frederick Chopin (1810-1849). The least known composer on this recording, Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934), was a Brazilian pianist and composer especially noted for his creative tango and choro compositions. Nazareth (pronounced: nah-zah-ray) skillfully combined diverse influences into his music, not only from Brazil but also from North America (ragtime), Europe, and Africa. His music remains popular in South America and is enjoying increased global exposure in the 21st century.

On this recording Daniel Estrem performs on 6 and 8- string guitars and tenor ukulele.

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[hifi lofi] 01-Odeon (Brazilian Tango) (Ernesto Nazareth) (3:13)
[hifi lofi] 02-Prelude (Raindrop) Op28 no15 (Frederic Chopin) (6:13)
[hifi lofi] 03-Sonata in D Major K491 (Domenico Scarlatti) (6:24)
[hifi lofi] 04-Valse Brillante Op24 no2 (Frederic Chopin) (6:54)
[hifi lofi] 05-Furinga (Tango) (Ernesto Nazareth) (4:48)
[hifi lofi] 06-Sonata no 9 in D Major 1 Moderato (Joseph Haydn) (5:42)
[hifi lofi] 07-Sonata no 9 in D Major 2 Menuet (Joseph Haydn) (3:01)
[hifi lofi] 08-Sonata in D Minor K213 (Domenico Scarlatti) (7:41)
[hifi lofi] 09-Nove de Julho (Argentine Tango) (Ernesto Nazareth) (4:31)
[hifi lofi] 10-Sonata in D Minor (orig G Minor) K8 (Domenico Scarlatti) (4:47)
[hifi lofi] 11-Tango Habanera (Ernesto Nazareth) (2:59)
[hifi lofi] 12-Prelude Op28 no7 (Frederic Chopin) (1:13)


Collage by Daniel Estrem

Janine Johnson – Spain – Janine Johnson

No one casts a larger shadow over eighteenth century Spanish keyboard music than the Italian Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). His sonatas written after 1729 are full of imitations of the guitar, and folk tunes with their distinctive rhythms, harmonies and shifts between major and minor. Scarlatti’s genius is that his music preserves the intensity of its provincial elements while raising them to the level of high art. Before Scarlatti, Spanish keyboard music was mainly in the sacred contrapuntal tradition inherited from Cabezon and Cabanilles. After Scarlatti, the spinning out of contrapuntal material or sets of variations were abandoned for the Scarlatti model of secular sonata in binary form, often in sets of two or three by key.

Two of the most remarkable Spanish keyboard composers of the generation after Scarlatti are Padre Antonio Soler (1727-1783) and Manuel Blasco de Nebra (1750-1784), while the music of Juan Sesse (1736-1801) represents the sort of Spanish keyboard music that escaped the influence of Domenico Scarlatti.

The harpsichord used for this recording was built by John Phillips in 1993 and is based on mid-eighteenth century Florentine models, the cousins of the lost Spanish originals.
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[hifi lofi] 01-Sonata No 73 in D major Allegro (Soler) (7:24)
[hifi lofi] 02-Sonata No 74 in D major Andante (Soler) (7:35)
[hifi lofi] 03-Sonata K 476 in g minor Allegro (Scarlatti) (4:19)
[hifi lofi] 04-Sonata K 477 in G major Allegrissimo (Scarlatti) (4:04)
[hifi lofi] 05-Fuga Op 1 No 5 in g minor (Sesse) (5:28)
[hifi lofi] 06-Sonata Op 1 No 4 in g minor Adagio (de Nebra) (6:43)
[hifi lofi] 07-Sonata Op 1 No 4 in g minor Allegro (de Nebra) (4:35)
[hifi lofi] 08-Sonata No 48 in c minor (Soler) (3:06)
[hifi lofi] 09-Sonata No 108 in C major (Soler) (3:23)
[hifi lofi] 10-Sonata K 532 in a minor (Scarlatti) (3:52)
[hifi lofi] 11-Sonata K 533 in A major (Scarlatti) (3:23)
[hifi lofi] 12-Sonata Op 1 No 5 in f sharp minor Adagio (de Nebra) (7:00)
[hifi lofi] 13-Sonata Op 1 No 5 in f sharp minor Presto (de Nebra) (5:58)
[hifi lofi] 14-Sonata K 499 in A major (Scarlatti) (6:02)
[hifi lofi] 15-Sonata K 599 in A major (Scarlatti) (3:47)



Scarlatti per chitarra e ukulele – Daniel Estrem

Classical guitarists have been attracted to Scarlatti’s sonatas because many of them are idiomatic and sound natural on plucked instruments. It should be noted that the sonority of the plucked string is the natural home of the Baroque sound. Lutes, harpsichords, theorbos, spinets, Baroque guitars and harps all generate sound like the classical guitar and ukulele of today.

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) lived the first half of his life in Naples, Italy and moved to the Iberian Peninsula in 1720, where he remained until his death. His first appointment was at the Royal court in Lisbon, Portugal. A decade later he moved to Madrid and took a position at the Royal Spanish court and it was here that the majority of his 550 harpsichord sonatas were written and where his artistic personality began to flourish. Using his imagination, he tested the limits and possibilities of the harpsichord resulting in compositions that surpassed his contemporaries in their originality and experimentation. His expansion of keyboard technique and virtuosity have more in common with keyboard music written a century after his death. Chronologically, he is classified as a Baroque composer, although his music was influential in the development of the Classical style.

Scarlatti’s encounter with the Spanish culture had a profound effect on his compositions. The influence of folk music, the use of modes and other tonal inflections were more or less alien to European art music of the era. Many of his chord patterns and dissonances are suggestive of the guitar. The eminent harpsichordist and musicologist Ralph Kirkpatrick said, “As far as we know, Scarlatti never played the guitar, but surely no composer ever fell more deeply under its spell.”

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[hifi lofi] 01-Sonata K435 in D Major allegro (D Scarlatti) (4:39)
[hifi lofi] 02-Sonata K328 in G Major andante comodo (D Scarlatti) (4:40)
[hifi lofi] 03-Sonata K32 in A Minor (orig D Minor) aria (D Scarlatti) (2:32)
[hifi lofi] 04-Sonata K115 in D Minor (orig C Minor) allegro (D Scarlatti) (8:00)
[hifi lofi] 05-Sonata K481 in A Minor (orig F Minor) andante cantabile (D Scarlatti) (6:24)
[hifi lofi] 06-Sonata K159 in G Major (orig C Major) allegro (D Scarlatti) (2:38)
[hifi lofi] 07-Sonata K234 in G Minor andante (D Scarlatti) (6:34)
[hifi lofi] 08-Sonata K33 in D Major allegro (D Scarlatti) (5:07)
[hifi lofi] 09-Sonata K27 in E Minor (orig B Minor) allegro (D Scarlatti) (4:23)
[hifi lofi] 10-Sonata K466 in A Minor (orig F Minor) andante (D Scarlatti) (7:49)
[hifi lofi] 11-Sonata K214 in D Major allegro vivo (D Scarlatti) (4:52)
[hifi lofi] 12-Sonata K9 in D Minor (pastorale) allegro (D Scarlatti) (4:22)
[hifi lofi] 13-Sonata K54 in A Minor allegro (D Scarlatti) (5:24)


Scarlatti on Guitar and Ukulele by Daniel Estrem

Jonathan Swift – I viaggi di Gulliver – Audiobook – MP3 – Lettura di Serafino Balduzzi

Copertina (formato MP3)
Introduzione (formato MP3)
Lettera al lettore (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 3 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 4 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 5 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 6 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 8 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
Brodbingnag: capitolo 3 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 4 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 5 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 6 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Brodbingnag: capitolo 8 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 3 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 4 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 5 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 6 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 8 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 9 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 10 (formato MP3)
Laputa: capitolo 11 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 3 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 4 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 5 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 6 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms, capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 8 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 9 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 10 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 11 (formato MP3)
Houyhnhnms: capitolo 12 (formato MP3)
Lettera del capitano Gulliver (formato MP3)

Serafino Balduzzi (ruolo: Voce)
Bach, Johann Sebastian (ruolo: musicista)
Händel, Georg Friedrich (ruolo: musicista)
Scarlatti, Domenico (ruolo: musicista)