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Jonathan Swift – Cadenus and Vanessa

The shepherds and the nymphs were seen
Pleading before the Cyprian queen.
The counsel for the fair began,
Accusing the false creature Man.
The brief with weighty crimes was charged
On which the pleader much enlarged;
That Cupid now has lost his art,
Or blunts the point of every dart;–
His altar now no longer smokes,
His mother’s aid no youth invokes:
This tempts freethinkers to refine,
And bring in doubt their powers divine;
Now love is dwindled to intrigue,
And marriage grown a (altro…)

Jonathan Swift – I viaggi di Gulliver – Audiobook – MP3 – Lettura di Serafino Balduzzi

Copertina (formato MP3)
Introduzione (formato MP3)
Lettera al lettore (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
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Lilliput: capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Lilliput: capitolo 8 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 1 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 2 (formato MP3)
Brodbingnag: capitolo 3 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 4 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 5 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 6 (formato MP3)
Brobdingnag: capitolo 7 (formato MP3)
Brodbingnag: capitolo 8 (altro…)

Jonathan Swift – A Modest Proposal – Audiobook – MP3

EText-No. 19508
Title: A Modest Proposal
Author: Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745
Language: English




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