Italy versus France – The Bach Players

Italian or French? Jean Baptiste Lully and Arcangelo Corelli were the champions of these two musical styles and the main subjects of the many attempts to establish which style was better. Or could the two styles be united? This programme paints a musical picture of the seventeenth century in Europe, through the music of Corelli, • Leggi tutto »

Emma Wallace – Temptation_

Vintage-inspired from the songs of Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Jerome Kern, the songs on this album would be perfectly at home on Tin Pan Alley thumped out on an old upright. Start with Song In My Head or Fred Astaire to get in the mood to give into this temptation! Featuring piano and sultry • Leggi tutto »

Federico García Lorca – Libro de Poemas – Audiobook

Entre 1919 y 1921, Lorca publicó Libro de poemas, compuso sus primeras Suites, estrenó El maleficio de la mariposa y desarrolló otras piezas teatrales. También durante esta etapa, gracias otra vez a la ayuda de Fernando de los Ríos, tuvo ocasión de conocer a Juan Ramón Jiménez, que influiría en su visión de la poesía • Leggi tutto »