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AFRICA/ETHIOPIA – A community farm to bring hope to families and children

Addis Ababa – Drought and rising prices are causing health problems in Ethiopia due to malnutrition among the Ethiopian population and affecting 70% of families in the city of Emdibir: aware of these difficulties, the “Catholic Mission”, the National Direction of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Australia, launches appeals to support the creation of a community farm in central Ethiopia.
“The Church and the community of Emdibir are jointly developing the plan for a goat breeding center to help families in urgent need of food”, explains in a note sent to Fides, Father Brian Lucas, director of “Catholic Mission”.
The goat breeding center will be an extension of Deberety Farm in Embidir, first opened by the local parish priest, Father Habtesilassie Antuan, in 2018. Known as Father Habte, the Catholic minister grew up in Emdibir himself, where he experienced subsistence farming firsthand. The farm grows products such as enset, a robust fruit similar to a banana, avocados and coffee. However, the farm’s current production is not enough to supply the village.
In order to reach more families, Fr. Habte and the community want to expand the farm with a goat breeding and milk production facility. “Many farmers are unaware that goat milk exists. Secondly, there are many malnourished children. Most of the food comes from here. Enset is a carbohydrate. It is not baby food. Goat’s milk, meanwhile, is more nutritious and convenient than cow’s milk and can be a healthy food source that can also be processed into staple foods such as cheese and butter.The milk is not only supplied to the families in Emdibir but also to the local clinics for nutrition programs.The surplus milk produced is sold to other regions. “Responding to the needs of our neighbors is at the heart of our mission and this farm can bring hope to many families in need”, concludes Father Lucas.

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