AFRICA/IVORY COAST – Peace is not the absence of war: the country celebrates the National Day of Peace

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Abidjan – “Peace is certainly not the absence of war, but it must be recognized that the absence of war says something about peace”, wrote to Fides, Fr. Donald Zagore, Ivorian theologian of the Society for African Missions, at the end of the 25th National Day of Peace that the country celebrated on Monday, November 15.
“Peace is a possibility that must be made possible by the will of all – adds the missionary. We can speak of true peace only to the extent that all the actors of the Ivorian political universe find their place in the political arena and substantially enrich it with the contradictory debate, a sign and expression of the vitality of the public debate”. “The bet for peace is so great – insists Fr. Donald – that we must get out of the identity, ethnic and tribal folds to think of Ivory Coast as a multicultural wealth that makes differences its strength, contradicts its power and opposes its dynamism”. Highlighting the steps forward made by the President of the Republic Allassane Ouattara for the return to the country of his predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo, Zagore defines the contribution of the Ivorian political actors who have managed to establish a climate of peace in the Ivory Coast as positive.
“The challenge today is to continue this momentum and to work for true peace to be established in this country. It is therefore imperative that Charles Blé GOUDE, acquitted of the charges of crimes against human rights January 15, 2019 and Guillaume SORO, former leader of the rebellion of the 2000s, find their country in serenity and peace. Once and for all, Ivory Coast needs to be cleared of the 2011 dispute, freeing all civilian and military actors still in prison. It is fundamental to establish an inclusive political dialogue in order to trace the furrows of a new Ivorian society. It is more than ever important to think of a new political pact which will make it possible to renew the bonds of trust between the Ivorian people and the politician”.