AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN – Catholic seminary also open to non-seminarian students

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Tombura-Yambio – Offering a chance to the many students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to study due to the lack of higher education institutions in the country is the goal of the Catholic diocese of Tombura-Yambio which has opened its doors also to non-seminarian students who wish to carry out philosophy courses.
“This institute has so far welcomed only seminarians – explained Mgr. Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, bishop of Tombura Yambio. This year, we want to create synergy between higher education institutions within the diocese, therefore I decided to offer lay students who want to study philosophy the opportunity to attend courses at the St. John Paul II School of Philosophy”. The initiative was well received by the community of the diocese, in particular by young people who now feel they have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in this sector.
“This is a unique experience. It is the first opportunity ever in the whole country. Furthermore, those who have attended the course will, in the future, in turn become teachers in seminaries or other institutes”, explained the Bishop.
Lay students attend classes during the day and then return to their respective homes, while the seminarians remain in the seminary as per tradition.
The Major Seminary of Philosophy of Saint John Paul II has existed since 2016 and has formed a good number of priests to date. So far it has welcomed students from other dioceses, including that of Tombura Yambio. It is affiliated with the Consolata Philosophy Center in Nairobi, in turn associated with the Urbaniana University of Rome. Students following the philosophy program at St. John Paul II in Yambio finish the fourth year of philosophy at the Consolata in Nairobi and take their Diploma exams at the Urbaniana University.