AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN – Violence and destruction in Tombura County: : the local Church’s call for peace

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Tombura Yambio – “Nobody knows what the real reasons are for the clashes that are taking place in our County of Tombura and Ri-Yubu”, reports to Agenzia Fides Mgr. Eduardo Hijboro Kussala, bishop of the diocese, on the violence that is upsetting the entire population. “I address my appeal for peace, in the county and across South Sudan. The situation is very serious, we have entered the fifth day of unrest and violence, deaths, injuries, many children wander the streets in search of food or shelter. Many people are fleeing in fear and many internally displaced people are arriving in our parishes, schools and hospitals in the Tombura area from different parts of the Country”.
Hunger, death, suffering, destruction, represent the scenario described by Bishop Hijboro. “Clashes, conflicts, violence do not lead to peace, they only lead to destruction and death. I urge you all, we are willing to listen to you and try to resolve what is leading you to violence. I understand you, I too have lived in conditions of war and violence – says with deep concern Mgr. Hijboro. We do not known what are the reasons that lead to this tragedy.
Please, no more violence! I urge our leaders and the entire civil society to intervene to save our community. Help us end the violence in Tombura. You have the tools to cope with this situation. I implore the people of the area, stay united, support each other and do not feed a spirit of revenge”. Bishop Hijboro also addresses his heartfelt appeal to social media to spread messages that lead to peace and not fuel further violence.
“Markets are empty, what little we had we shared with those who have nothing. We need help, we cannot abandon our communities in the midst of death and destruction”, he concludes.