AMERICA/MEXICO – The Bishops: “Today more than ever, our societies need peacemakers”

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Mexico City – “After celebrating one of the most significant electoral processes in our history, we call on everyone, regardless of the results of the votes, to build a future, based on the ability to work together to overcome divisions, promoting peace, reconciliation in the face of injustices and communion among us all. We seek to transform individuals and our peoples by promoting a culture of dialogue and forgiveness”. This is the appeal launched by the Bishops of Mexico, in a message signed by the President and Secretary of the Mexican Episcopal Conference , respectively Rogelio Cabrera Lopez, Archbishop of Monterey, and Alfonso G. Miranda Guardiola, Auxiliary Bishop of Monterey. The message sent to Fides, entitled “Peace as a yearning for human fullness” and with the date of June 23, opens by recalling that “to give peace is at the heart of the mission of Christ’s disciples. And this call is addressed to all the men and women who await peace in the midst of tragedies and violence, it is therefore also our desire”. The Bishops affirm once again that “peace cannot be reduced to a simple balance between force and fear”, and that “the increase in intimidation, as well as the uncontrolled proliferation of weapons, are contrary to morality and the search for true harmony”. They therefore reiterate that “Today more than ever, our societies need ‘peacemakers’ and recall that the Church, as a mother full of wisdom, has always insisted on the importance of promoting a culture of dialogue and peace through the Magisterium of the Popes. Mexican society “has been significantly damaged by scenarios of insecurity and violence”, denounced by the Bishops since 2010, and “this reality, far from diminishing, continues to threaten our communities” they write in their message. We are all “called to make our contribution to the construction of the common home, under the legal protection provided by the rule of law, which must guarantee a healthy coexistence among the population … The Church fulfills her mission by following in the footsteps of Jesus and by making his attitudes his own; from him we learn the sublime lesson of proclaiming the Gospel of Peace with the trust placed in the transforming power of Love”.
Therefore they reaffirm their intention “to renew and maintain a fruitful, open and transparent dialogue with the institutions”, they propose “to continue to base ourselves on the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity, by encouraging the prevalence of mutual aid and walking animated by mutual trust”. They urge us “to be an example of peace, harmony and love wherever we are”, they encourage “a healthy coexistence”, they invite us to choose “promptly and at all times to fight violence”, they urge to “assertive communication” and to be kind with everyone, even with those who do not greet us. The message concludes with this invitation: “Let us place these desires and exhortations in the hands of our good God and under the protection of Saint Mary de Guadalupe, who accompanied us for five centuries and offers us a message of communion, which makes it possible to overcome differences through peace and harmony”.