ASIA/INDONESIA – Appointment of bishop of Padang

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Vatican City – The Holy Father has appointed as bishop of the diocese of Padang, Indonesia, the Reverend Fr. Vitus Rubianto Solichin, S.X., member of the Pious Society of Saint Francis Xavier for the Foreign Missions , until now lecturer in the major seminary and rector of the School of Philosophy, Jakarta.
Msgr. Vitus Rubianto Solichin, S.X., was born on 15 November 1968 in Semarang, Java Island. He entered Saint Petrus Canisius Minor Seminary in Mertoyudan, Semarang, and later the Pious Society of Saint Francis Xavier for the Foreign Missions . He continued his philosophical studies at Driyarkara High School of Philosophy, Jakarta, and theological studies at Wedabhakti Pontifical Theological Faculty, Yogyakarta. He gave his religious vows in the Xaverian Congregation on 18 March 1996 and was ordained a priest on 7 July 1997.
After priestly ordination he obtained a licentiate in sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome , after which he served as professor of sacred Scripture at Driyarkara High School of Philosophy and Major Seminary in Bandung . He was then awarded a degree in Biblical theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome . Since 2013 he has served as professor and vice-chairman for Academic Affairs at Driyarkara in Jakarta, and member of the Xaverian Formation Team and the Xaverian Provincial Council of Indonesia; from 2015 to date he has been rector of the Jakarta School of Philosophy, and since 2018, president of the Indonesian Biblical Scholars Association.