ASIA/INDONESIA – Flores Island: Despite initial restrictions, the Camillians continue their initiatives

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Maumere – “Churches and schools will remain closed while air and sea travel have been suspended until at least July 21st. The virus now seems to have penetrated our island, where the restrictions are beginning”, says Father Luigi Galvani, a Camillian missionary who lives and works on the island of Flores. “The situation is more serious in large cities, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali – he explains, adding that the government is taking the first steps to get the vaccines, but is also facing difficulties, particularly in planning the vaccination campaign”.
Fr. Galvani also reports that the community of young Camillians on the island of Flores is continuing its initiatives despite the advance of Covid 19.
“On the occasion of the feast of St. Camillus, our giant of charity, which was celebrated on July 14th, we accepted 12 new novices, including two Pakistani, five new members of the Order took their vows and 17 solemnly renewed their perpetual vows. We are happy about these fruits of our Indonesian mission, perhaps also thanks to St. Camillus, we are all fine, including myself, and I am preparing for the start of the next school year, which is planned for August 20, 2021”. “The Covid-19 pandemic does not scare us in our missionary activities, on the contrary, it almost seems that we are doing more,” the missionary concludes. Indonesia, currently the country most severely affected by Covid-19 in Southeast Asia, has a new daily record of infections with over 21,000 new cases, according to statistics. However, the actual numbers are estimated to be much higher due to the small number of tests performed.