ASIA/LEBANON – The Synod of Maronite Bishops relaunches the proposal on “Lebanese neutrality” promoted by Patriarch Raï

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Bkerké – The Synod of Bishops of the Maronite Church, as a whole, confirms its full support for the proposal – put forward by Patriarch Béchara Boutros Raï – of a formal act that formalizes Lebanon’s position of neutrality on the political scene of the Middle East, within the framework of an international conference sponsored by the UN and dedicated to the present and the future of the Country of the Cedars. The full adhesion of the Maronite Bishops to the appeal repeatedly reiterated by Cardinal Raï – and aimed at seeking an international “anchor” of the Lebanese position of neutrality – was confirmed at the end of the Annual Assembly of the Synod of the Maronite Church, which ended on June 19 at the Patriarchal Seat of Bkerké. In the final communiqué of the synodal assembly, the Maronite Bishops describe the proposal put forward by Patriarch Raï as a valid solution to the systemic crisis that is afflicting the nation, without government since August 2020, after the resignation of outgoing prime Minister Hassan Diab following the deadly explosions that took place on August 4 in the port of Beirut. The final communiqué of the Maronite Synodal Assembly, also refers to the meeting of reflection and prayer for Lebanon convened in the Vatican on July 1 by Pope Francis, which will see the participation of the heads of the various Churches and ecclesial communities present in the Land of the Cedars.
The Maronite Bishops hope and pray that this summit will help reaffirm the identity of Lebanon as a “model of freedom, democracy and Christian-Islamic coexistence, with respect for pluralism”.

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