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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Version 2 Dramatic Reading) by WIGGIN, Kate Douglas

When ten-year-old Rebecca Randall arrives at her aunts’ brick house in Riverboro, she is not exactly welcomed with the open arms one would hope for. Her cheerful spirit touches the lives of many, but will Rebecca be able to endure Aunt Miranda’s stern ways? (Summary by Twinkle88)

Cast List:
Narrator: TJ Burns
Rebecca Randall: JayKitty76
Miranda Sawyer: Christine Lehman
Jane Sawyer: Laura Riley
Emma Jane Perkins: Jasmin Salma
Adam Ladd: Will the Ninja
Emily Maxwell: thestorygirl
Miss Dearborn: Hannah Mary
Jeremiah Cobb: Greg Giordano
Sarah Cobb: Pseudonymous Nerd
Aurelia Randall: Beth Thomas
Huldah Meserve: Foon

Additional characters voiced by
Alice Hastie,
Donald Gilmore,
Hannah Mary,
Laura Riley,
Leanne Yau,
Pseudonymous Nerd,
Rosa Grace,
Sterling Bronwyn,
Tomas Peter, and

Audio edited by Bhavya and fiddlesticks

Additional prooflistening by ErickMcFarlow, linny, and Terry Benn

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Angels of the Battlefield by BARTON, George

“Angels of the Battlefield: A History of the Labors of the Catholic Sisterhoods in the Late Civil War” chronicles the compassionate services of these dedicated women during the bitter and bloody U.S. Civil War. These accounts also offer some important historical details, giving some important insights into the people and events of the war. This is the Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. – Summary by Larry Wilson
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Primera epistola del Almirante don Cristóbal Colón dando cuenta de su gran descubrimiento by COLUMBUS, Christopher

Uno de los primeros textos que escribió Cristóbal Colón en 1493 para informar y dar a conocer en Europa del éxito de su primer viaje. Esta epístola fue la segunda de este tipo que tuvo gran difusión por el continente, fue escrita en latín y publicada inicialmente en Roma, y estaba dirigida al tesorero del rey, Gabriel Sánchez. La trascendencia de este breve documento es indiscutible pues constituye un testimonio muy especial a nivel histórico y antropológico: nos descubre las primeras impresiones de los expedicionarios europeos en su contacto con lo que se denominó “Nuevo Mundo” y que cambiaría para siempre la Historia de la Humanidad. – Summary by Epachuko
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Women of the American Revolution Volume 1, The by ELLET, Elizabeth F.

Excerpt from Preface: Their patriotic sacrifices were made with an enthusiasm that showed the earnest spirit ready on every occasion to appear in generous acts. Some gave their own property, and went from house to house to solicit contributions for the army. Colors were embroidered by fair hands, and presented with the charge never to desert them; and arms and ammunition were provided by the same liberal zeal. They formed themselves into associations renouncing the use of teas, and other imported luxuries, and engaging to card, spin, and weave their own clothing.
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Feminism in Greek Literature by WRIGHT, Frederick Adam

This study, published in 1923, examines the views regarding women’s place in Ancient Greek society based especially on the writings of Homer, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. As the author offers his opinion and judgement, that at times reflect views on women, homosexuality and other social groups and themes that might be considered controversial now, he leaves an interesting picture of the state of Classical scholarship in the early 20th century.

“There is a question sometimes put to scholars, a doubt often latent in scholars’ minds — How was it that Greek civilisation, with all its high ideals and achievements, fell so easily before what seems at first sight an altogether inferior culture? The fact is — and it is as well to state it plainly — that the Greek world perished from one main cause, a low ideal of womanhood and a degradation of women which found expression both in literature and in social life. The position of women and the position of slaves — for the two classes went together — were the canker-spots which, left unhealed, brought about the decay first of Athens and then of Greece.” (From Introduction)
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K. by RINEHART, Mary Roberts

“K” is the initial of the mysterious lodger without a first name who rents a room from Sidney to escape his past. Sidney herself refuses the proposals of Joe in order to become a nurse and do useful work in the outside world. She is determined to work hard and not spend any time at all with the handsome young surgeon who runs the ward. She has no time in her life for romance, or for exploring the mystery of K’s background. Or does she? (Summary by Beth Thomas)
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Bible (Reina Valera) 25: Lamentaciones de Jeremías by REINA-VALERA

El libro de Lamentaciones se compone de cinco poemas, cada uno de los cuales es una expresión de dolor por la caída de Jerusalén. Como en los funerales, estos lamentos están destinados a llorar una pérdida. En este caso, la pérdida de una nación. La segunda mitad del capítulo 3 implica que el propósito detrás de las representaciones gráficas de Lamentaciones de dolor y sufrimiento era producir esperanza en el Dios cuya compasión es “nueva cada mañana”, y cuya fidelidad es grande incluso para un pueblo que ha sido condenado por su propia infidelidad. Las lamentaciones probablemente fueron escritas poco después de la caída de Jerusalén en 586 a. C. El autor, aunque no está identificado en el libro, puede ser el profeta Jeremías, de quien se dice que “expresó un lamento por Josías” (2 Crónicas 35:25).

—- English Translation:

The book of Lamentations is composed of five poems, each of which is an expression of pain for the fall of Jerusalem. Like an eulogy at a funeral, these laments are meant to mourn a loss. In this case, the loss of a nation. The second half of chapter 3 implies that the purpose behind the graphic representations of Lamentations of pain and suffering was to produce hope in the God whose compassion is “new every morning”, and whose faithfulness is great even for a people who have been condemned by their own infidelity The lamentations were probably written shortly after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 a. C. The author, although not identified in the book, may be the prophet Jeremiah, who is said to have “expressed a lament for Josiah” (2 Chronicles 35:25).

– Summary by Claudia R Barrett
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Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs Of the Peasantry of England by VARIOUS

This traditional, and, for the most part, unprinted literature,—cherished in remote villages, resisting everywhere the invasion of modern namby-pamby verse and jaunty melody, and possessing, in an historical point of view, especial value as a faithful record of the feeling, usages, and modes of life of the rural population,—had been almost wholly passed over amongst the antiquarian revivals which constitute one of the distinguishing features of the present age. While attention was successfully drawn to other forms of our early poetry, this peasant minstrelsy was scarcely touched, and might be considered unexplored ground. There was great difficulty in collecting materials which lay scattered so widely, and which could be procured in their genuine simplicity only from the people amongst whom they originated, and with whom they are as ‘familiar as household words.’ – Summary by Robert Bell
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Day Dreams by VALENTINO, Rudolph

Published in 1923, Day Dreams is a collection of poems written by Hollywood screen icon Rudolph Valentino. Authored during Valentino’s court-imposed exile from the film industry, where a protracted legal battle with Famous Players-Lasky prevented him from acting, this collection channels much of the actor’s fear, frustration, desire, and his all-encompassing need for escapism. In his own words, this collection helped Valentino “forget the tediousness of worldly strife and the boredom of jurisprudence’s pedantic etiquette.” This fascinating piece of Hollywood ephemera gives us a snapshot of the famed “Latin Lover” at his most mediative and romantic. (ChuckW)
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