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Mysterious Stranger, The by TWAIN, Mark

Mark Twain wrote this fairytale style story about 3 boys who meet Satan’s cousin and they experience many things during this time. The story is narrated by one of the boys many years later. Mark Twain ends the story expressing the idea that will blow you away. Ideas that can be traced back thousands of years in many religions. What is existence really … to quote that well known song by (altro…)

Lust of Hate, The by BOOTHBY, Guy

This is the third Dr Nikola book in a series of five written by Guy Boothby. The main character is Gilbert Pennethorne a man whom “Lady luck” has deserted. A number of commercial failures, estrangement from his family, Unsuccessful gold prospecting in Australia and finally having the location of one of the richest undiscovered gold mines in the world stolen from him by a man whom he classifies as his worst (altro…)

Mary Frances Cook Book, The by FRYER, Jane Eayre

Another of the charming Mary Frances books, this one ‘Among the Kitchen People’, where young girls are encouraged to be mother’s helper’s in the kitchen, as Mary Frances wants nothing more than to be useful. She learns (and shares) how to make tea, toast and boiled eggs, among other things, as she enjoys adventures with her many friends, including Mantel Clock, Auntie Rolling Pin and Yellow Bowl. – Summary by Lynne (altro…)

Soul Winner’s Secret, The by BRENGLE, Samuel Logan

Samuel Logan Brengle was a commissioner in the Salvation Army. His books are known for the practicality, joyfulness and authenticity. His life was spent working with people on the streets, so his insights into the work of the Holy Spirit are relevant to everyday life. His holiness was that of the street, the kitchen, and everyday life. His stories are of men and women living their daily lives. In this book, (altro…)

Certain Personal Matters by WELLS, H. G.

Although best known for his works of science fiction, social commentary and history, H.G. Wells here gives us humorous and light-hearted pieces on a wide variety of intriguing topics from chess to death. Each essay is a gem of wit and delight. – Summary by Larry Wilson
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Jan Of The Windmill by EWING, Juliana Horatia Gatty

There were two storms: one within and one without. The windmiller’s wife was starting to be very unhappy, and the rain was poring as fast as her tears. So her husband brought Jan, a neglected child, for her to care for. This book is about his growing up, being a favorite but still an outcast, and discovering himself. Rudyard Kipling claimed to know this book almost by heart, and it is (altro…)

First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. III by VARIOUS

This collection of non-fiction and fiction pieces is the third volume commemorating the First World War. The majority of the items, all chosen by the readers, are in English, but the collection also includes pieces in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Please note that some works are still protected by copyright in countries which observe copyright laws based on the author’s date of death.

Most items were written during or shortly after (altro…)

Van der Linden’s c.s., De by DAUM, Paul Adriaan

Eerste deel van de cyclus: In en Uit ‘s Lands Dienst. Kritische roman over het leven van de Nederlanders in het Indië van het einde van de 19de eeuw.

Het uitspinnen van een intrige, het doorspelen van dezelfde personen, het altijd verder vertellen aan één geschiedenis, dit kinderlik vermaak, waarmee de journalist zijn lezers van jaargang op jaargang bleef boeien, verleidde Maurits tot een roman in vier delen, ieder met eigen titel, (altro…)

Blue Star, The by PRATT, Fletcher

The novel is set in a parallel world in which the existence of psychic powers has permitted the development of witchcraft into a science; in contrast, the physical sciences have languished, resulting in a modern culture reminiscent of our eighteenth century.

The protagonists are Lalette Asterhax, a hereditary witch, and Rodvard Bergelin, an ordinary government clerk who has been recruited into the radical conspiracy of the Sons of the New Day. (altro…)

Gesammelte Schriften by LIEBERMANN, Max

Max Liebermann war einer der bedeutendsten deutschen Maler des Impressionismus. Seine Werke sind noch heute bekannt und geschätzt. Weniger bekannt sind seine Schriften, die in diesem Band gesammelt sind. Max Liebermann war nämlich nicht nur selbst Maler, sondern interessierte sich für alle Aspekte der Kunst, was in diesen 25 kurzen Stücken eindrucksvoll zum Ausdruck kommt. – Summary by Carolin
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Thread of Flame, The by KING, Basil

Edward wakes up on board a ship crossing the Atlantic, on his return from the Great War – however, he finds that his memory of who he is and where he comes from is only fragmentary.
The book follows his fascinating journey back to health and his growing realisation about what effect the War and its aftermath has had on him and also on the people he meets – as well as (altro…)

Sonnets by CURRIE, George Graham

This is a book of sonnets by George G. Currie. Currie was a Canadian-born lawyer and business man, but also an accomplished author and poet. While he traveled the United States and Europe extensively throughout his life, he settled in Florida. Both the theme of traveling as well as Florida occur frequently in his poetry. – Summary by Carolin
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National Geographic Magazine Vol. 08 – 09. September 1897, The by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the September Number.
It includes the following articles:

  • Modification of the Great Lakes by Earth Movement, by G. K. Gilbert
  • The Toronto Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
  • The Great Unmapped Areas of the Earth’s Surface Awaiting the Explorer and Geographer, by J. Scott Keltie
  • The Compass in Modern Navigation, by G. W. (altro…)

Mysteries of London Vol. III, The by REYNOLDS, George W. M.

The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England, published in four volumes. This is the third volume. Initially serialized in weekly installments, they were the forerunners of today’s soap operas. Known as “Penny Dreadfuls”, they had no claim to literary brilliance but offered readers entertainment and excitement in the form of vice, poverty, wealth, virtue, mystery, romance and scandal in every combination and reached a mass audience. (altro…)

Opening a Chestnut Burr by ROE, Edward P.

Walter Gregory is a gentleman whose health is broken down by the stress of Wall Street and the consequences of his fast lifestyle. Disillusioned in love and betrayed in friendship, he returns to visit his childhood home in the country. Who is this young woman Annie Walton he finds there? Can she truly be as good as she seems? He determines to test her character to the utmost. Deceitful villains, fire, (altro…)

Man Who Hated Mars, The by GARRETT, Randall

o escape from Mars, all Clayton had to do was the impossible. Break out of a crack-proof exile camp—get onto a ship that couldn’t be boarded—smash through an impenetrable wall of steel. Perhaps he could do all these things, but he discovered that Mars did evil things to men; that he wasn’t even Clayton any more. He was only—The Man Who Hated Mars. Included in this recording are four more (altro…)

Doom of London, The by WHITE, Fred M.

Here are six stories, each one describing a disaster afflicting London, that were popularly serialized during 1903-1904 in Pearson’s Magazine. The tales depict (1) a deep freeze and unprecedented snowfall; (2) a heavy, blinding, paralyzing blanket of fog; (3) a widespread killer virus; (4) a fraudulent scheme causing financial panic; (5) a minor electrical accident in a tunnel that spirals into catastrophe; and (6) most of the city’s water supply, reportedly (altro…)

Phenomenology of Mind, Volume 2, The by HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

Phänomenologie des Geistes (1807) is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s most important and widely discussed philosophical work. Hegel’s first book, it describes the three-stage dialectical life of Spirit. The title can be translated as either The Phenomenology of Spirit or The Phenomenology of Mind, because the German word Geist has both meanings. Phenomenology was the basis of Hegel’s later philosophy and marked a significant development in German idealism after Kant. Focusing on (altro…)

Coffee Break Collection 17 – Health and Fitness by VARIOUS

This is the seventeenth Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select English language public domain works of about 15 minutes or less in duration — perfect to listen to during commutes, workouts or coffee breaks. The topic for this collection is health and fitness… views on these, including physical activity, nutrition and sport, have changed drastically over the years. Readers have chosen selections on subjects ranging from judo and walking (altro…)

Hearse-Horse, The by CARMAN, Bliss and HOVEY, Richard

Bliss Carman, FRSC was a Canadian poet who lived most of his life in the United States, where he achieved international fame. He was acclaimed as Canada’s poet laureate during his later years.
Richard Hovey was an American poet..
He collaborated with Canadian poet Bliss Carman on three volumes of “tramp” verse: Songs from Vagabondia (1894), More Songs from Vagabondia (1896), and Last Songs from Vagabondia (1900), the last being (altro…)

Autumn Invitation, An by CAPERN, Edward

In 1848 Capern secured appointment with the Post Office as a letter-carrier. His first route between Bideford and Appledore, later between Bideford and Westleigh. His job required him to make a return trip between the two towns with a wait for two hours, to allow time for people to reply to letters he had just delivered (there were no post-boxes at that time). He used this time for his writings. Capern (altro…)

Doctor Syn by THORNDIKE, Russell

Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh is the first in the series of Doctor Syn novels by Russell Thorndike and inspired a Disney movie called the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh starring Patrick Patrick McGoohan. In this story we are introduced to the complex Christopher Syn, the kindly vicar of the little town of Dymchurch. Dr Syn seems pleasant, but is he much more than he seems? Although published (altro…)

Human Boy And The War, The by PHILLPOTTS, Eden

Published in 1916, this is the third collection of thirteen humorous short stories about English school boys in a boarding school in the fictitious village Merivale. This book, of course, has World War I as a backdrop. Each story is told in the voice of a different boy at the school. The author wrote two other books in this series: The Human Boy (1900) and The Human Boy Again (1908). Eden (altro…)

Barnaby’s in America: Final sequel to The Widow Barnaby, The by TROLLOPE, Frances Milton

I scruple not to confess that with all her faults, and she has some, I love her dearly : I owe her many mirthful moments, and the deeper pleasure still of believing that she has brought mirthful moments to others also. Honestly avowing this to be the case, can any one wonder, can any one blame me, for feeling an affectionate longing at my heart to follow her upon the expedition (altro…)

Bible (DBY) NT 09: Galatians by DARBY BIBLE

The Darby Bible consists of a translation of the New Testament by John Nelson Darby, originally published in 1867, and a translation of the Old Testament, included in later editions of the text, completed by Darby’s students after his death. – Summary by Aaron Hultstrand
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Book of American Negro Poetry, The by JOHNSON, James Weldon

The Book of American Negro Poetry is one of the earliest and most essential anthologies of African-American verse ever brought to print. Edited by writer and diplomat James Weldon Johnson, this collection was published with the hope of bringing to the public a greater awareness of the art and literature created by Black writers. This is the first edition of this long-republished anthology and collects seminal works by Paul Dunbar, W.E.B. (altro…)

Well at the World’s End: Book 4: The Road Home, The by MORRIS, William

In The Well at the World’s End, Ralph of Upmeads, youngest son of the King of Upmeads, leaves home (where nothing exciting ever happens) without permission and sets out looking for adventure. When he hears rumors of a well that exudes water with magical properties, he is intrigued and begins his quest. Along the way, he travels through various towns and wildernesses and meets — and is sometimes led astray by (altro…)