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History Teacher’s Magazine, Vol. I, No. 5, January 1910, The by VARIOUS

“The History Teacher’s Magazine is devoted to the interests of teachers of History, Civics, and related subjects in the fields of Geography and Economics. It aims to bring to the teacher of these topics the latest news of his profession. It will describe recent methods of history teaching, and such experiments as may be tried by teachers in different parts of the country. It will keep the teacher in touch with the recent literature of history by giving an impartial judgment upon recent text-books. It will give announcements of meetings of Teachers’ Associations and accounts of their work. Its columns being open to the questions and contributions of every history teacher, it will serve as a clearing-house of ideas and ideals in the profession of history teaching.” From the first issue of History Teacher’s Magazine.

In this issue of the magazine, the LibriVox recording omits a section containing an index of “The Old South Leaflets.” Refer to page 98 of the e-text for this index.
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Chronicles of America Volume 07 – Dutch and English on the Hudson, The by GOODWIN, Maud Wilder

Geography is the maker of history. The course of Dutch settlement in America was predetermined by a river which runs its length of a hundred and fifty miles from the mountains to the sea through the heart of a fertile country and which offers a natural highway for transportation of merchandise and for communication between colonies. No man, however, could foresee the development of the Empire State when, on that memorable September day in 1609, a small Dutch yacht named the Halve Maene or Half Moon, under the command of Captain Henry Hudson, slipped in past the low hook of sand in front of the Navesink Heights, and sounded her way to an anchorage in what is now the outer harbor of New York. (from Chapter 1)
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With Fire and Sword by SIENKIEWICZ, Henryk

In 1647, Poland is a land facing complete destruction with fire and sword. It may come from without, as the Tartar hordes swarm over the steppes, turning cities to ash and the Poles to slaves. It may come from within the country’s bounds, as the traitor Hmyelnitski leads the Cossacks in a devastating revolt. Or it may come simply because the nation’s leaders and nobility have become selfish, lazy, and complacent, and are ill-equipped to face the horrors coming their way.

If Poland is to survive, it will depend on the heroes who rise in her time of need. Yeremi Vishnovyetski, the warrior-prince who alone can lead his people to victory … if they are wise enough to accept his leadership. The diminutive soldier Michael Volodiyovski, ever unlucky at love, but never equaled as a swordsman. Longin Podbipyenta, the Lithuanian giant whose sacred vow to remain unmarried until he performs an impossible feat in battle is complicated when he falls madly in love. Pan Zagloba, Poland’s Falstaff, whose thirst for ale and penchant for self-preservation are exceeded only by his loyalty to his friends. But in the end, Poland’s fate will rest on the shoulders of the knight Jan Skshetuski, who must choose between the safety of his beloved Helena and his allegiance to prince and country.

With Fire and Sword is the first novel of Sienkiewicz’s epic “Trilogy”, but is a stand-alone story in its own right. (Introduction by D. Leeson)

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Psyche by BLOMBERG, Hugo von

Von Blomberg beschreibt, wohl angeregt durch Bilder Raphaels, die Geschichte von Amor und Psyche im Oktavsatz. Diese wird durch Sonette über griechische Götter eingeleitet und mehrmals unterbrochen.
Im Prolog beschreibt der Dichter selbst seine Motivation und warum er welchen Stil gewählt hat. – Summary by lorda
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Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol, The by LOCKE, William John

This 1912 collection of short stories is of lighthearted adventures of an irresponsible — and irrepressible — Frenchman in England and Paris. The author (1863-1930) was a popular British novelist, dramatist, and playwright, known especially for his short stories. Several of his works were made into London and Broadway stage plays as well as motion pictures (starring Mary Pickford, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and more). – Summary by Wikipedia and David Wales
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Silver Bear, The by BROWN, Edna Adelaide

This is the first Lucy and Dora story. A charming story about Lucy and Dora, two little girls in a New England town. They are not really sisters, but soon everyone forgot that fact. The Silver Bear is a necklace, treasured by the girls.
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Manners for Men by HUMPHRY, Mrs.

Many men who go out into the world while still very young to earn their living have few opportunities of acquiring a knowledge of social observances. Should this little manual of manners be of use to any such in enabling them to master the theory, as it were, of social customs in the educated classes, it will have attained its aim. (Mrs. Humphry)
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À margem da história by CUNHA, Euclides da

À margem da história foi a primeira das obras póstumas de Euclides da Cunha, tentando recolher os muitos textos esparsos e inéditos do autor após sua morte inesperada e violenta. A maior parte do livro se compõe das anotações feitas pelo autor para um livro, nunca terminado, acerca da Amazônia, a ser intitulado “Paraíso Perdido”, mas que foi publicado nesta coletânea sob o título “Terra Sem História”. No volume encontram-se também compilados outros estudos variados sobre o Brasil. – Summary by Leni
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Mark Twain: A Biography – Volume III by PAINE, Albert Bigelow

This work has been considered the “go-to” bio of Mark Twain for over a hundred years. Albert Bigelow Paine (July 10, 1861 – April 9, 1937) was an American author and biographer best known for his work with Mark Twain. These recordings of Paine’s exhaustive biography cover Twain’s personal and literary life in detail, heretofore, unapproached. The published work is divided into 7 sections, on three separate recordings:

Recording #1
-VOLUME I, Part 1: 1835-1866
-VOLUME I, Part 2: 1866-1875

Recording #2
-VOLUME II, Part 1: 1875-1886
-VOLUME II, Part 2: 1886-1900

Recording #3 (This Recording)
-VOLUME III, Part 1: 1900-1907
-VOLUME III, Part 2: 1907-1910
( John Greenman and Wikipedia with special thanks to Eberhard Schneider, Altlußheim, Germany)

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