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01-The Ash Grove (Traditional Welsh)-Healing Muses.mp3 3.100.672   30/09/2011 11.00
02-Southesque (Patrice Haan)-Healing Muses.mp3 3.911.680   30/09/2011 11.00
03-a) Adio Querida (Farewell beloved) (Anonymous) b) Los bibilicos (The nightingales) (Traditional Sephardic arr J Frankel)-Healing Muses.mp3 5.720.064   30/09/2011 11.00
04-a) Ag Criost An Siol (Christ as the seed) (Sean O'Riada) b) Kyrie (Gregorian chant) c) I am a poor wayfaring stranger-Healing Muses.mp3 6.846.464   30/09/2011 11.00
05-a) In a Garden So Green b) Joy to the person of my love (16th century Scottish)-Healing Muses.mp3 5.961.728   30/09/2011 11.00
06-a) Durme Hermosa Donzella (Sleep beautiful damsel) (Traditional Sephardic arr J Frankel) b) Sarajevo (Judy Frankel)-Healing Muses.mp3 4.702.208   30/09/2011 11.00
07-Chinar es (You are a plane tree) (Traditional Armenian lullaby arr Gomidas)-Healing Muses.mp3 4.880.384   30/09/2011 11.00
08-Her Bright Smile Haunts me Still (Traditional American)-Healing Muses.mp3 3.305.472   30/09/2011 11.00
09-Skye Boat Song (Traditional Scottish arr D Reiter)-Healing Muses.mp3 3.409.920   30/09/2011 11.00
10-a) Garod (Longing) (Traditional Armenian) b) Nanzir (L Garakhanian arr E Hadidian)-Healing Muses.mp3 7.161.856   30/09/2011 11.00
11-a) Easter Thursday b) Jenny Pluck pears c) Childgrove (John Playford)-Healing Muses.mp3 6.164.480   30/09/2011 11.00
12-The Gardener's Barn Dance (Patrice Haan)-Healing Muses.mp3 2.295.808   30/09/2011 11.00

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