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Cost of Delivering Tetanus Toxoid and Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccination in Vietnam and the Budget Impact of Proposed Changes to the Schedule

ABSTRACTIntroduction:In 2017, aligned with global World Health Organization tetanus guidelines, Vietnam prepared evidence to support a recommendation to introduce the tetanus-diphtheria (Td) vaccine into routine immunization. This study aimed to provide evidence on the costs and budgetary impact of the potential replacement of the tetanus-toxoid (TT) vaccine with the Td vaccine, considering different possible delivery strategies.Method:We used an activity-based ingredients costing approach to estimate the 2017 program costs of providing TT vaccination to girls aged 15–16 years and conducting Td campaigns in outbreak areas. We performed a budget impact analysis for 2018–2025 using the cost per dose estimates based on the current delivery of these vaccines. We assumed complete cessation of TT vaccination of girls aged 15–16 years and a transition period where Td outbreak control campaigns would still occur. Td vaccine was assumed to be provided to children aged 7 years using either facility- or school-based delivery or combined facility- and school-based delivery.Results:The delivery cost per dose for current TT vaccination for girls aged 15–16 years was US$1.49 for school-based delivery, US$1.76 for facility-based delivery, and US$3.86 for delivery via outreach. Td vaccination through campaigns was estimated to cost US$3.56/dose. During 2018–2025, replacing the TT vaccine for girls aged 15–16 years with the Td vaccine for children aged 7 years is estimated to save US$4.61 million in immunization delivery costs if a school-based delivery strategy is used or US$1.04 million if facility-based delivery is used.Conclusion:Compared to the current plan, delivery of Td routine vaccination via a school-based strategy was the most cost saving. These results were used in late 2019 to support the delivery of Td vaccination using a school-based delivery strategy for children aged 7 years in 30 Northern provinces in Vietnam.

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