Critical role for cholesterol in Lassa fever virus entry identified by a novel small molecule inhibitor targeting the viral receptor LAMP1

by May Kwang-Mei Wang, Tao Ren, Hu Liu, Sun-Young Lim, Kyungae Lee, Anna Honko, Huanying Zhou, Julie Dyall, Lisa Hensley, Ashley K. Gartin, James M. Cunningham

Lassa fever virus (LASV) is endemic in West Africa and causes severe hemorrhagic fever and sensorineural hearing loss. We identified a small molecule inhibitor of LASV and used it to analyze the mechanism of entry. Using a photo-reactive analog that retains antiviral activity as a probe, we identified the inhibitor target as lysosome-associated membrane protein 1 (LAMP1), a host factor that binds to the LASV glycoprotein (GP) during infection. We found that LAMP1 binding to LASV GP is cholesterol-dependent, and that the inhibitor blocks infection by competing with cholesterol in LAMP1. Mutational analysis of a docking-based model identified a putative inhibitor binding site in the cholesterol-binding pocket within the LAMP1 domain that binds GP. These findings identify a critical role for cholesterol in LASV entry and a potential target for therapeutic intervention.

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