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[edit] Yuri Astrakhan

I am one of many developers of the Wikipedia project. I live in New York City, and work for a software consulting company. Wiki is contagious, stay away while you still can.

[edit] My Projects

[edit] MediaWiki API

  • My new project is to take all that we learned from Query API, and implement a complete Read/Write interface for MediaWiki. Some of the features have already been implemented, but most work lies ahead. The largest hurdle to overcome will be separating logic from UI in the editpage.php. David has started some work in that direction, as can be seen in the LiquidThreads branch's editpage.php, but lots more work remains.
    • API Live - Just like query, the api is self describing.
    • API Specifications - In-depth description and examples of the API. Feel free to contribute.
    • API Source Code - You can keep tabs on the most recent changes here.

[edit] Query API

  • I implemented the Query API, which provides developers with the direct access to the data. If you have ever used Navigation popups, then you have used Query API. According to the latest statistics, this API gets over quarter of a million hits a day.
    • Query API Home Page, or see it live.
    • Initially all of Query API code was developed using Notepad++, but on July 1st NuSphere kindly donated PhpED - an IDE for PHP with advanced debugging and profiling capabilities. I am very grateful to NuSphere for their support. Thank you!

[edit] Interwiki Resolution Tool

  • My current project is to implement the Interwiki Conflict Resolver. This tool will allow users to fix the entire interwiki conflict at once, instead of editing each individual page manually. You can already experiment with it here. Any help is welcome.
  • See also this excellent tool to link articles with the same title in various languages: IW Link Checker

[edit] Bots

  • I am one of the developers of the Wikipedia Bot Framework at sourceforge
    • Work on uniting different wikipedias by linking them with interwikies, mostly in the automated mode. Most of the changes are done as YurikBot.
    • Developed an extensive system to automate recognition of localized dates formats and disambiguation pages.

[edit] What I do in real life

  • What life?
  • I am a software architect, working as a consultant for large financial corporations.

[edit] Contact information

  • Email « yuriastrakhan … /@\ … gmail … com »
  • Leave messages on the discussion page
  • AIM me — (yurochek)
  • MSN me — « yuriastrakhan … /@\ … hotmail … com » (don't email here, use gmail account)
  • IRC at #wikipedia-ru and #wikimedia-tech — irc://irc.freenode.net/wikipedia-ru (usually as yurikny)

[edit] SandBoxes

/sandbox1, /sandbox2, /SaveTable

[edit] Bot accounts

The following list has links to the contibutions page, the edit count page, and a check to see if the account has a bot status. Stewards were found on irc.

As of June 26th, 2006, the bot has done over 1,856,595 (964,477 distinct) interwiki edits across all wikipedia sites. You can see detailed statistics at YurikBot Statistics.

Bot sometimes looses its login cookie. So far, it has done this from the following IPs:

[edit] Active Bots

If you want your language added to this list, please leave a request at the meta page, with your support, and let me know when the bot flag gets set. I will be happy to add another language.

[edit] Pending restart

[edit] Temporary suspended

[edit] Accounts in process of getting a bot flag

Requests are pending at the meta page. Please support

[edit] Primary user accounts

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