From Mud to Mufti: With Old Bill on all Fronts by BAIRNSFATHER, Bruce

This second volume of memories from the Great War (WWI) by the celebrated war cartoonist and social observer, begins with Bairnsfather’s recuperation from injuries suffered in the Second Battle of Ypres and ends with the Armistice.

In this phase of his war activity, Bairnsfather is repeatedly hampered by his inability to fully recovery from his war wounds, and is eventually removed from combat service. This perceived disaster for his war career actually was a lucky break, because he was then attached to British Intelligence as an authorized war cartoonist–perhaps the only one of the war. In this capacity, he was ordered to visit the various allied fronts, observing and drawing the aspects of the war in those locations that impressed themselves upon his mind and memory.

His perspective, visiting and witnessing first hand the interactions between the various allied armies, remains unique, and his inimitable style provide a valuable as well as entertaining glimpse of allied operations in the final stages of the war. ( DrPGould)
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