Italy versus France – The Bach Players

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Italian or French? Jean Baptiste Lully and Arcangelo Corelli were the champions of these two musical styles and the main subjects of the many attempts to establish which style was better. Or could the two styles be united? This programme paints a musical picture of the seventeenth century in Europe, through the music of Corelli, Lully, and their contemporaries.

Chief among the reconcilers was the organist and composer Georg Muffat. German but of Scottish ancestry, it was he who introduced both styles to Germany. Also included are Rebel’s homage to Lully and Couperin’s to Corelli.

“This is the most enjoyable programme of seventeenth-century chamber music I have heard in a long time. The recording manages to capture the strings in gutty rather than silvery detail so we relax and enjoy the music without suffering from steel-string fatigue. Altogether, this is a wonderfully diplomatic programme which brings the best out in everyone – French, Italian, German and performers alike.”

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