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Per l'approfondimento dei termini della licenza possono essere utili i seguenti screenshot:






Students and non-commercial organizations can use all Magnatune music with no permission required as long as you are a Magnatune member and abide by the Creative Commons license we use (see below).

The audio files (mp3, wav, etc) available to members are licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa v1.0 license to enable you maximum flexibility in your use of our music.

If you want to use our music for free, you must meet the legal requirement for "non-commercial use" as defined by the Creative Commons License which governs all Magnatune MP3 files.

Please note that if you are a "non-profit institution" this does not necessarily imply that your use is "non-commercial". Please consult the license for details.

You must abide by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike use restrictions placed by the license.

Common examples of uses we consider non-commercial are:

* anything a student makes while attending school (i.e. homework)
* demos, resume and other samples by individuals, even if they're being used to get a job or solicit contracts (we assume you'll want to use our music at your job once you get one)
* films that are being shown in places where no admission fee is charged
* GNU/Berkeley/OSI licensed games or software that are given away for free (or included incidentally inside a larger distribution, even in a pay-distribution)
* Remixes that are given away for free (we're active participants in CC mixter)
* Podcasts and video blogs

da: www.magnatune.com

IMPORTANTE: Questa risorsa è associata a vita a www.magnatune.com e segue scrupolosamente quanto stabilito dalla licenza Creative Commons originaria.

Tuttavia il materiale, ancorché legittimamente distribuito e scaricato potrebbe non essere libero di essere distribuito ulteriormente. L'utente finale, se non è socio di Magnatune.com, deve tenere in debito conto di questa circostanza.