Lost Kafoozalum, The by ASHWELL, Pauline

“Lizzie” Lee and her best friend “B” have just finished their finals in Cultural Engineering at Russett College and are enjoying a well-earned break on a Pacific Island when they are kidnapped by their professor and dragged half-way across the galaxy in an attempt to avert a nuclear war on the backwater planet, Incognita. Accompanied by some of their classmates; their professor and two strangers, they have just days to come up with and implement a solution to avoid millions of deaths. One of the beautiful things about a delusion is that no matter how mad someone gets at it … he can’t do it any harm. Therefore a delusion can be a fine thing for prodding angry belligerents…. ( Nigel Fisher)
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

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