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Ludwig van Beethoven – Sinfonia n. 8 in Fa maggiore – MP3 – Arturo Toscanini – NBC Symphony Orchestra – 1939

Beethoven; Symphony No. 8 in F Major. Arturo Toscanini conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in April 1939 in New York City in Studio 8H of Rockefeller Center. Transfered and restored from the original 78 set, RCA DM 908.

Artist/Composer: Restoration by Bob Varney
Keywords: Beethoven; Toscanini; Symphony
Creative Commons license: Public Domain.

Filename Size Date
01.allegroVivaceEConBrio.mp3 21,026,375  11/07/11  11:27 am
02.scherzandoAllegretto.mp3 8,708,073  11/07/11  11:27 am
03.tempoDiMenuetto.mp3 11,341,216  11/07/11  11:27 am
04.allegroVivace.mp3 17,049,493  11/07/11  11:28 am

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