Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith, The by PINERO, Arthur Wing

Lucas Cleeve is living in Venice with a widow, Mrs. Ebbsmith. His relatives do not accept this arrangement and come to intervene. Note that this is NOT a farce – the hypocrisy is not played for laughs. – Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:

Antonio Poppi, Venetian servant: Francesco Carzedda
Nella, Venetian servant: Sonia
Fortune, a manservant: alanmapstone
Mrs. Gertrude Thorpe: TJ Burns
Rev. Amos Winterfield: Roger Melin
Dr. Kirke: ToddHW
Sir George Brodrick: Nemo
Agnes Ebbsmith: Eva Davis
Lucas Cleeve (Acts 1 and 2): Tina Nuzzi
Lucas Cleeve (Acts 3 and 4): Foon
The Duke of St. Olpherts: Tomas Peter
Hephzibah, Lady’s maid: Crln Yldz Ksr
Sir Sandford Cleeve: Rob Board
Sybil Cleeve: Leanne Yau
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
Edited by: ToddHW
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