Elements of Botany, The by GRAY, Asa

The book is intended to ground beginners in Structural Botany and the principles of vegetable life, mainly as concerns Flowering or Phanerogamous plants, with which botanical instruction should always begin; also to be a companion and interpreter to the Manuals and Floras by which the student threads his flowery way to a clear knowledge of the surrounding vegetable creation. Such a book, like a grammar, must needs abound in technical words, (altro…)

Cartas de Inglaterra by EçA DE QUEIRóS, José Maria de

Eça de Queirós (1845-1900), um dos mais importantes escritores portugueses da história, destacou-se pelos romances Os Maias e O Crime do Padre Amaro.
Cartas da Inglaterra, de 1905, resultou do período em que viveu e trabalhou em Newcastle e Bristol no serviço consular. A obra, pouco conhecida do grande público, apresenta uma faceta política do autor, expondo sua visão analítica e ensaísta. Nela, Eça tece críticas aos acontecimentos contemporâneos, tanto no que (altro…)

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Las empresas

Cuando lanzamos la primera versión de este informe hace un año, la principal conclusión fue que a la industria de las telecomunicaciones le preocupaba poco o muy poco la protección de datos y la privacidad de los usuarios. Nuestra segunda conclusión fue que las empresas controladas por capitales extranjeros fueron levemente mejor evaluadas que sus pares, probablemente por cumplir con estándares fijados por su casa matriz.

Un año después, la versión (altro…)

Ghost Ship & Other Stories, The by MIDDLETON, Richard

Richard Middleton is one of the many authors who, despite great merit, have been almost entirely forgotten today. This English author was an eminent literary figure in his day, admired by, among others, Edgar Jepson, Arthur Machen, and Raymond Chandler. This collection of short stories contains his best-known short story, The Ghost Ship, a skillfully written horror story. The other stories contained in this collection are not all horror stories, but (altro…)

Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician, The by ARNOLD, Edwin Lester

Phra, a Phoenician merchant and warrior, settles in the south of England as husband to Blodwen, a British princess. Slain during the Roman invasion, he reawakens several hundred years later to find that Blodwen has painstakingly tattooed the history of his family and village on his body. Slipping in and out of a state of suspended animation, Phra goes on to play his part in the departure of the Romans, the (altro…)

L’asino morto per non aver ragliato

Quando ci siamo accostati ai “testi sacri” di uno dei nostri autori preferiti perchè ci eravamo accorti che parlavano di giornalismo in maniera incredibilmente moderna, non immaginavamo che saremo riusciti a farne un pezzo e forse addirittura una rubrica per il nostro piccolo blog. Sono state la caparbietà e la grande capacità di ricerca e selezione del nostro associato Marco Dal Pozzo che hanno fatto il miracolo. Marco partendo da un (altro…)

New Magdalen, The by COLLINS, Wilkie

Mercy Merrick is living a difficult life on the streets, but when she meets the young and charismatic clergyman Julian Gray, she desires to leave this life behind and start afresh. She packs her things and volunteers as a nurse in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. It is, however, very difficult to leave your life behind, and even harder to start a new life in a society so dependent on social (altro…)

Spider, The by HUME, Fergus

Arthur Vernon, member of the Athenian club and member of “society,” has a secret. His father has died and left him destitute, so he has begun a private investigation agency under the name “Nemo.” It would be disastrous if this were known among his associates at the club, and especially if his intended in-laws found out. But he is quite sure no one else knows, that is until his old college (altro…)

Memoirs of Francois Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand Volume II, The by CHATEAUBRIAND, François-René de

Volume II of Chateaubriand’s Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb, translated by Teixeira de Mattos. This volume covers the period from his return to France to fight, reluctantly, for the King, his early literary successes with many portraits of the great and the good, including Napoleon, through to his travels in the Near East in the first decade of the 19th century, all through with his characteristic blend of mordant wit and (altro…)

Far Country, A by CHURCHILL, Winston

The book follows the career of Hugh Paret from youth to manhood, and how his profession as a corporation lawyer gradually changes his values. The book received positive reviews, and was the second best-selling novel in the United States in 1915. – Summary by Wikipedia
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Mary Frances Story Book, The by FRYER, Jane Eayre

The Mary Frances Story Book is different from the other Mary Frances Books. They are part lessons and part story; they teach something about cooking and sewing, knitting and crocheting, housekeeping and gardening, and first-aid—and tell a story, too; but The Mary Frances Story Book is all story.
On a summer afternoon Mary Frances took a holiday and sailed away across the blue water to an island—an island formed by the top (altro…)

Etiquette by GILBERT, W. S.

Sir William Schwenck Gilbert was an English dramatist, librettist, poet and illustrator best known for the fourteen comic operas (known as the Savoy operas) produced in collaboration with the composer Arthur Sullivan. The most famous of these include H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance and one of the most frequently performed works in the history of musical theatre, The Mikado.

Gilbert’s creative output included over 75 plays and libretti, and numerous short (altro…)

Over Every Hill by GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer and statesman. His works include four novels; epic and lyric poetry; prose and verse dramas; memoirs; an autobiography; literary and aesthetic criticism; and treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour. In addition, there are numerous literary and scientific fragments, more than 10,000 letters, and nearly 3,000 drawings by him extant. (Wikipedia)
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Páginas Recolhidas by ASSIS, Joaquim Maria Machado de

Páginas Recolhidas é um livro de contos de Machado de Assis, lançado em 1899. A obra traz alguns dos mais interessantes contos escritos pelo autor, como “Missa do Galo”, “O Caso da Vara”, “Ideias de Canário” e “O Dicionário”. Também fazem parte do livro textos diversos, como “A Estátua de José de Alencar” – discurso proferido por Machado de Assis na cerimônia de lançamento da pedra fundamental da estátua do indianista (altro…)

Doors of the Night by PACKARD, Frank L.

New York City, 1922—Murder—half-million dollar robbery—false accusation—secret passage—the underworld—a mystery woman—a masked man—a crooked lawyer—stolen jewels—a forged will. . .
“Every hour . . . held a surer promise, not only of desperate peril to himself, but a promise that he would find himself launched in a sea of crime, of shuddering things, of murder, of blood, of sordid viciousness, of hate.”
– Summary by Delmar H. (altro…)

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 056 by VARIOUS

Fifteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include the impact of World War I on human society and endeavor: In 1916, Woodrow Wilson declares that “real glory” comes from wartime “self-sacrifice,” and Wilson’s call is taken up by an American officer on the front ranks who writes that he could “not have wished a better way to die than for a righteous cause and (altro…)

Aboe Bakar by DAUM, Paul Adriaan

Een waargebeurd verhaal uit Nederlands Indië. Adam Silver kind van een Engelsman en een inlandse vrouw, wordt verstoten uit de blanke gemeenschap en bekeert zich tot de Islam. Het verhaal is oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd onder het pseudoniem Maurits als feuilleton in het Indische Vaderland – Marcel Coenders
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

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