DDHH en la primera línea de internet

En noviembre de 2015 el Gobierno de Chile hizo pública su Agenda Digital 2020, cuyo objetivo es desarrollar las capacidades tecnológicas, en todos los sectores y territorios, que permitan insertar al país en la Sociedad de la Información.

Dentro de los cinco ejes que componen la Agenda se contempla, como una de las medidas de Gobierno Digital, el desarrollo una Política Nacional de Ciberseguridad (en adelante PNCS) para Chile, la cual fue (altro…)

Atlantic Classics by VARIOUS

The Atlantic was a popular periodical with a wide range of essays and stories. In an effort to remain current, many strong and valid submissions ended up being pushed aside. The Atlantic Classic was an experimental publication, drawing on some sixteen of these good but rejected essays. – Summary by Lynne Thompson
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Poems by EDDY, Mary Baker

In May, 1910, Mrs. Eddy requested her publisher to prepare a few bound volumes of her poems, for private distribution. When this became known to her friends, they urged her to allow a popular edition to be issued, to which she assented. With grateful acknowledgment, therefore, of this permission, this little volume is presented to the public, in the hope that these gems of purest thought from this spiritually-minded author will (altro…)

Internet está jugando con tus sentimientos

De forma asertiva, la organización Coding Rights ha bautizado este fenómeno como el Chupadatos, un monstruo incansable que vive detrás de cada aplicación, cada búsqueda en internet, cada comentario en redes sociales y cada aparato inteligente. Su labor es engullir, cuantificar y subastar nuestros datos al mejor postor. Y para que eso sea posible, no solo se necesita de una robusta infraestructura, sino de una cultura alrededor del uso de internet.

En (altro…)

Constance Dunlap by REEVE, Arthur B.

Constance Dunlap is a young woman who in Chapter 1 turns amateur criminal in order to to save her husband from disgrace and imminent arrest. When this sadly doesn’t work out exactly as planned, Constance goes on to embrace a new life. More antiheroine than heroine, she uses her wits and new found talents to aid others in avoiding retribution for their crimes always one step ahead of the detective (altro…)

1000 Things Worth Knowing by FOWLER, JR., Nathaniel C.

Part almanac, part encyclopedia, part dictionary, Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr. gives us his idea of important, but sometimes obscure, facts that he thinks should be in our bank of general knowledge. He includes a large section on medical emergency and health. Items are arranged in alphabetical order, so there is no logical presentation, but reference is made easy. Or, it is just interesting browsing, and a glimpse into (altro…)

Peter Simple by MARRYAT, Frederick

Peter Simple, ‘the fool of the family’, son of a parson but heir presumptive to a title, goes to sea as midshipman during the Napoleonic wars. Naturally, at sea in this period is where adventures are just waiting for a lad like Peter, and so he does stumble from one into the next. Of particular note is also the colourful group of supporting characters he meets on board and on shore. (altro…)

Nuoren Wertherin kärsimykset by GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von

Nuoren Wertherin kärsimykset (saks. Die Leiden des jungen Werthers, 1774) on Johann Wolfgang von Goethen kirjoittama kirjeromaani. Löyhästi omaelämäkerrallisesta romaanista kehkeytyi saksalaisen Sturm und Drang -liikkeen tärkeimpiä teoksia. Sillä oli myös vaikutusta myöhempään romantiikan kirjallisuuteen. Romaanin ansiosta Goethesta tuli yksi ensimmäisistä kirjallisuuden tähdistä jo elinaikanaan. – Summary by Wikipedia
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Poems by HARPER, Frances E. W.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was an influential female African American poet. Her poetry often deals with themes of freedom, discrimination, hatred, and injustice. Her poetry remains relevant to this day, and is still widely read. – Summary by Carolin
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Eureka: A Prose Poem by POE, Edgar Allan

Eureka is Poe’s attempt at explaining the universe, using his general proposition “Because Nothing was, therefore All Things are”. In it, Poe discusses man’s relationship to God and the universe or, as he offers at the beginning: “I design to speak of the Physical, Metaphysical and Mathematical – of the Material and Spiritual Universe: of its Essence, its Origin, its Creation, its Present Condition and its Destiny”. In keeping with (altro…)

Sulla disobbedienza

Dentro la società degli algoritmi ci siamo, volenti o nolenti. E visto che non possiamo starne fuori allora conviene almeno provare ad essere critici, non assecondare le macchine in tutto e per tutto, aggiungere un pizzico di disobbedienza alla nostra vita. Il suggerimento arriva da un interessante libro, solo in versione cartacea per il momento, edito da Castelvecchi che si intitola proprio : “Manuale di disobbedienza digitale”. Immaginiamo che l’autore, (altro…)

Catherine De’ Medici by BALZAC, Honoré de

The Philosophical Studies from The Human Comedy (La Comedie Humaine) are a series of works that are intended as a reflection on history in part through the use of fiction. ‘Catherine de Medici’ is one such ‘study’, and features, alongside detailed history (and even architectural) sections, elements of the ‘story’ are fictionalised. In particular, this happens through dialogue that describes the feelings of the characters and what they are doing, these (altro…)

In Search of the Unknown by CHAMBERS, Robert W.

Robert Chambers was a contemporary of Lovecraft, and this book consists of “weird supernatural tales” in a somewhat similar manner, except that the emphasis is on humor rather than horror. The narrator works for the newly opened Bronx Zoo in New York. He describes his adventures trying to obtain various rare specimens for the zoo’s collection, animals that range from the merely extinct to the considerably more unusual. Along the way, (altro…)

Birds and Nature, Vol. XI, No 3, March 1902 by VARIOUS

“Birds and Nature” was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems, anecdotes and factual descriptions of birds, animals and other natural subjects with accompanying color plates. The magazine was published from 1897-1907 under the various titles, “Birds,” “Birds and all Nature,” “Nature and Art” and “Birds and Nature.” – Summary by J. M. Smallheer
This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.

Human Nature And Conduct – Part 1 by DEWEY, John

John Dewey, an early 20th Century American philosopher, psychologist, educational theorist saw Social Psychology as much a physical science (with rules and predictive power) as Biology and Chemistry. This project encompasses Part 1 of 4 of his book Human Nature and Conduct.

Dewey’s uses the word “HABIT” as a specialized catch-all word to describe how a person and his/her objective environment interact. This interaction is the basis for moral judgement. Dewey writes: (altro…)

Old New Zealand: Being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times by MANING, Frederick Edward

Introduction to Old New Zealand
Philip Steer
Victoria University February 2004
Frederick Edward Maning is best known as an author, but he was also at times a trader and a judge of the Native Land Court. He was born in Dublin, Ireland on 5 July 1811 or 1812 and immigrated to Tasmania with his family in 1823. He lived in New Zealand from 1833 until 1882, when ill health forced him to seek medical (altro…)

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