Precipice, The by GONCHAROV, Ivan

The Precipice is a story of the romantic rivalry among three men, condemning nihilism as subverting the religious and moral values of Russia. It was originally published in 1869 in Vestnik Evropy. Later critics came to see it as the final part of a trilogy, each part introducing a character typical of Russian high society of a certain period: first Aduev (“A Common Story”), then Oblomov (“Oblomov”), and finally Raisky, a gifted man, his artistic development halted by “lack of direction”. According to scholar S. Mashinsky, as a social epic, The Precipice was superior to both A Common Story and Oblomov. Goncharov considered The Precipice to be his best work, in which he managed to realize his artistic ambition to the full. “Dreams and aspirations of Raisky for me sound like a sonorous chord, praising a Woman, Motherland, God and love,” he wrote in a letter to Mikhail Stasyulevich. ( summary by tovarisch, based on Wikipedia articles)
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