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Paris is the caipital ceity o Fraunce, an the caipital o the Île-de-France région forby, that's territory encompasses Paris an its suburbs. The ceity o Paris richt is a département forby, cried Paris département (French: département de Paris).

Paris, thegither wi its suburbs an satellite ceities, forms the Greater Paris metropolitan area, wi a population jaloused tae be aboot 11.5 million as o Januar 2004. Paris is the maist populous urban area in the European Union an is the seicont lairgest metropolitan area in Europe (efter Moscow, an alang wi Lunnon), an is ranked approximately as the 20t maist populous metropolitan area in the warld.

Greater Paris metropolitan area, wi a total GDP in 2003 heicher nor Brazeel or Roushae, is the lairgest financial an business centre o Europe (alangside Lunnon), herborin mair nor 30% o France's white-collar population, an mair nor 40% o the headquarters o French companies an aw, wi the lairgest business district o Europe (La Défense), an the seicont lairgest stock exchynge in Europe (Euronext).

Kent warldwide as the Ceity o Licht (la Ville Lumière), Paris haes been a major tourist destination for centuries. The ceity is weel-kent fae the beauty o its airchitectur, its urban perspectives an avenues, an the walth o its museums an aw. Biggit on an airc o the Watter Seine, it is dividit intil twa pairts: the Richt Baunk tae the north and the smawer Left Baunk tae the sooth.

Formerly the caipital o a colonial empire raxin ower five continents, Paris is yit regairdit as the hert o the French-speakin warld an haes hauden a strang international poseetion, hostin the heidquarters o the OECD an the UNESCO amang ithers. This, combined wi its financial, business, poleetical, and tourism acteevities, haes turned Paris intil ane o the major transportation hubs in the warld. New York, Lunnon, Tokyo, an Paris is aften listit as the fower major global ceities.

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