Short History of the Christian Church by HURST, John Fletcher

“The present work has as its basis the series of five Short Histories by the same author, which appeared in the following order: The Reformation, 1884; The Early Church, 1886; The Medieval Church, 1887; The Modern Church in Europe, 1888; and The Church in the United States, 1890. The five volumes form a connected History of the Church nearly down to the present time.” (from the preface)
John Fletcher Hurst was an American bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church. He wrote the 5 histories as Chautauqua textbooks. The audio files are in the following order:
Part 1: The Early Church (A.D. 30-750)
Part 2: The Medieval Church (A.D. 750-1517)
Part 3: The Reformation (A.D. 1517-1545)
Part 4: The Modern Church in Europe (A.D. 1558-1892)
Part 5: The Church in the United States (A.D. 1492-1892)
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