Risk of long COVID and associated symptoms after acute SARS-COV-2 infection in ethnic minorities: A nationwide register-linked cohort study in Denmark

by George Frederick Mkoma, Charles Agyemang, Thomas Benfield, Mikael Rostila, Agneta Cederström, Jørgen Holm Petersen, Marie Norredam Background Ethnic minorities living in high-income countries have been disproportionately affected by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in terms of infection rates, hospitalisations, and deaths; however, less is known about long COVID in these populations. Our aim was to • Read More »

Health outcomes after myocardial infarction: A population study of 56 million people in England

by Marlous Hall, Lesley Smith, Jianhua Wu, Chris Hayward, Jonathan A. Batty, Paul C. Lambert, Harry Hemingway, Chris P. Gale Background The occurrence of a range of health outcomes following myocardial infarction (MI) is unknown. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the long-term risk of major health outcomes following MI and generate sociodemographic stratified risk • Read More »

Ingrid Persaud, Schriftstellerin aus Trinidad, spricht über ihren neuen Roman “Love After Love”

Warum fragen wir nach Erlaubnis, unser Englisch zu verwenden? Ingrid Persauds neuer Roman, “Love After Love” (etwa: Liebe nach der Liebe), der in Trinidad spielt. Foto von Nicholas Laughlin. Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung. In einer Buchbesprechung des neuesten Werks, “Love after Love” der aus Trinidad stammenden Autorin Ingrid Persaud beschrieb die Dichterin Shivanee Ramlochan das Buch • Read More »

Future in America: A Search After Realities, The by H. G. Wells (1866 – 1946)

A series of travel essays by one of the most well known antiquarian authors focused on America and its persistent social, economic and developmental problems. (Summary by Christine Rottger) The language and ideas in this book reflect the period in which it was written. Librivox does not censor works recorded. Some readers and listeners may • Read More »

1-year weight change after diabetes diagnosis and long-term incidence and sustainability of remission of type 2 diabetes in real-world settings in Hong Kong: An observational cohort study

by Hongjiang Wu, Aimin Yang, Eric S. H. Lau, Xinge Zhang, Baoqi Fan, Ronald C. W. Ma, Alice P. S. Kong, Elaine Chow, Wing-Yee So, Juliana C. N. Chan, Andrea O. Y. Luk Background Clinical trials have demonstrated that remission of type 2 diabetes can be achieved following sustained weight loss. However, the feasibility of • Read More »

Health system assessment for access to care after injury in low- or middle-income countries: A mixed methods study from Northern Malawi

by John Whitaker, Idara Edem, Ella Togun, Abena S. Amoah, Albert Dube, Lindani Chirwa, Boston Munthali, Giulia Brunelli, Thomas Van Boeckel, Rory Rickard, Andrew JM Leather, Justine Davies Background Injuries represent a vast and relatively neglected burden of disease affecting low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). While many health systems underperform in treating injured patients, most • Read More »

Maternal B-vitamin and vitamin D status before, during, and after pregnancy and the influence of supplementation preconception and during pregnancy: Prespecified secondary analysis of the NiPPeR double-blind randomized controlled trial

by Keith M. Godfrey, Philip Titcombe, Sarah El-Heis, Benjamin B. Albert, Elizabeth Huiwen Tham, Sheila J. Barton, Timothy Kenealy, Mary Foong-Fong Chong, Heidi Nield, Yap Seng Chong, Shiao-Yng Chan, Wayne S. Cutfield, NiPPeR Study Group Background Maternal vitamin status preconception and during pregnancy has important consequences for pregnancy outcome and offspring development. Changes in vitamin • Read More »

Overweight or obesity in children born after assisted reproductive technologies in Denmark: A population-based cohort study

by Kristina Laugesen, Katalin Veres, Sonia Hernandez-Diaz, Yu-Han Chiu, Anna Sara Oberg, John Hsu, Paolo Rinaudo, Mandy Spaan, Flora van Leeuwen, Henrik Toft Sørensen Background The association between assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and the body mass index (BMI) of children remains controversial. Confounding by morbidity and other factors associated with parental infertility may have biased • Read More »

Writer suffers threats and intimidation in Mozambique after book publication

The word ‘comrade’ in the title evoked the attacks Originally published on Global Voices Sérgio Raimundo’s launch of ‘As ancas camaradas chefe’ at the Portuguese Cultural Center (Camões), Maputo, July 2023. Photo by Global Voices. Mozambican writer, Sérgio Raimundo, has been threatened because of the wording of a book title that is seen as a • Read More »

Project Gutenberg – Authors – Timothy Shay Arthur

A EText-No. 4591 Title: After a Shadow and Other Stories Author: Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 Language: English Link: cache/generated/4591/pg4591.epub EText-No. 4591 Title: After a Shadow and Other Stories Author: Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 Language: English Link: 4/5/9/4591/4591-h/4591-h.htm EText-No. 4591 Title: After a Shadow and Other Stories Author: Arthur, T. S. (Timothy • Read More »

After Hours – Alma Nova – MP3

01-Bosna Nova-AlmaNova.mp3 4.167.680 13/03/2022 02:33 02-Kafana-AlmaNova.mp3 4.233.216 13/03/2022 02:33 03-Zajdi Zajdi-AlmaNova.mp3 5.931.008 13/03/2022 02:33 04-Jovano Jovanke-AlmaNova.mp3 5.228.544 13/03/2022 02:33 05-Love-AlmaNova.mp3 4.749.312 13/03/2022 02:33 06-After Hours-AlmaNova.mp3 5.203.968 13/03/2022 02:33 07-Massimo Dancing-AlmaNova.mp3 3.586.048 13/03/2022 02:33 08-Ikindija-AlmaNova.mp3 4.208.640 13/03/2022 02:33 09-Rain-AlmaNova.mp3 5.638.144 13/03/2022 02:33 From: Magnatune Post Views: 17