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bookmark_borderAFRICA/UGANDA – Attack in Kampala: “Ugandans are united in prayer”, says a missionary

Kampala – “The situation in Kampala still remains of a state of alert. Parliament remains closed and it is not known when the working sessions will resume. The police have invited citizens to stay at home as much as possible, limiting themselves to the necessary movements. The images of suicide bombers blowing themselves up, shown on the news are truly shocking but, despite this, life continues: people have to take home their daily bread. They must overcome fear and barriers, and prayer is an extraordinary weapon”. This was reported to Fides by Sister Fernanda Cristinelli, a Comboni missionary who works in Uganda as the head of the “Comboni Children Center” for the recovery of children victims of trafficking in the capital Kampala, speaking of the double explosion that took place in the city near the police station and Parliament . The death toll has risen to 5 dead and 33 injured “even if the number of victims – notes Sister Fernanda – could be higher than reported so far, as five of the injured are in critical condition”. “The Ugandan authorities – confirms the nun – are investigating the attacks and, according to claims so far, the responsibility for the violence is attributed to the Allied Democratic Forces” , which is said to have links with the Islamic State”. In a scenario of panic and general dismay due to the brutal violence, “in these hours, the nun reports – the response of the faithful is very heartfelt: all Ugandans are united in prayer”.
Uganda, usually spared from terrorism, was the scene of a resurgence of attacks last month: the first occurred on October 23 when a bomb exploded in a restaurant in Kampala; two days later, on October 25, a second bomb exploded on a bus traveling along the Kampala-Masaka highway; a third explosion occurred on October 29 in the Nakaseke district, 60 kilometers north of Kampala. The first two attacks were claimed by the Islamic State. Out of 47 million inhabitants, Christians in Uganda are about 85% of the population , while 13% of the population is Muslim, while minorities follow traditional cults.

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