Italy versus France – The Bach Players

Italian or French? Jean Baptiste Lully and Arcangelo Corelli were the champions of these two musical styles and the main subjects of the many attempts to establish which style was better. Or could the two styles be united? This programme paints a musical picture of the seventeenth century in Europe,…

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Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerti brandeburghesi – 1935

J. S. BACH: Brandenburg Concertos Busch Chamber Players Adolf Busch, Musical Director Columbia Set MM 249 Recorded in 1935, London No. 1 in F Major, BWV 1046 Adolf Busch, violin; Evelyn Rothwell, oboe; Aubrey Brain, Horn 1; Francis Bradley, Horn 2 01 I. Allegro 02 II. Adagio 03 III. Allegro…

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Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto Italiano in Fa maggiore – BWV 971 9 luglio 1935, 25 settembre 1936 Wanda Landowska Allegro (formato MP3) Andante (formato MP3) Presto (formato MP3) da: Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Condividi allo stesso modo 2.5 bach_bwv971_01_allegro bach_bwv971_02_andante bach_bwv971_03_presto 181 Views

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