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AMERICA/BRAZIL – Witnesses of hope, faith, solidarity, service: Brazilian nuns in Haiti since 2010

Brasilia – To thank all the missionaries sent to Haiti, as part of the Nazaré intercongregational solidarity missionary project that unites the Church of Brazil with that of Haiti, a Eucharist will be celebrated presided over by Monsignor Joel Portela Amado, Auxiliary Bishop of Rio di Janeiro and Secretary General of the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/BRAZIL – Day of prayer and mission: the Brazilian missionary Church in Mozambique

Brasilia – The Bishops’ Commission for the Missions of the Bishops’ Conference of Brazil and the Pontifical Mission Societies, are promoting the fourth edition of the “Day of Prayer and Mission” for July 1, which will be dedicated to peace in Mozambique. The country is a battlefield for the violence of armed groups, after having… Leggi tutto »