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ASIA/PAKISTAN – The cross of Kovardo and symbols of the Christian faith in Northern Pakistan: new studies are being prepared

Multan – “In addition to the cross found in the village of Kovardo, in the mountains of Skardu-Baltistan, in northern Pakistan, many other inscriptions, objects and archaeological sites have been found or potentially located, indicating the cultural richness and religious of the peoples of Pakistan. During our visit to the cross of Kovardo we were… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/JORDAN – Islamic-Christian international appeal for the protection of prayer communities and Holy Places

Amman – The bloody attacks on places of worship that host communities of faith gathered in prayer or while taking part in ritual acts, represent the “summit” of justified atrocities and violence by bringing up “religious” issues. Faced with the continuing of these phenomena, it is necessary to encourage the creation of an interreligious and… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/IRAQ – Museum in Erbil will preserve Christian manuscripts that escaped jihadist devastation

Erbil – The old manuscripts and books, Christian and Islamic, saved in recent years from a possible destruction by the jihadists of the Islamic State will be collected and kept in a museum-study center created ad hoc by the will of the Bishops of the Chaldean Church. The decision to create this new conservation and… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/IRAQ – Post-election controversy over the distribution of seats reserved for Christian candidates

Baghdad – A few days after the Iraqi parliamentary elections, which took place on Sunday, October 10, the foreseeable post-electoral controversies over the distribution of the 5 parliamentary seats reserved by the electoral system for Christian candidates returns. The most explicit objections to the results relating to the quota of seats guaranteed to politicians belonging… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/INDIA – Archbishop of Bangalore refuses to collect data on the activities of Christian missionaries

Bangalore – The Christian churches are critical of the plans of the government of the Indian state of Karnataka to conduct special research and collection of data on the activities of missionaries and employees of Christian churches. Msgr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore, the capital of the vast state of southern India. On October 13,… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/IRAQ – Elections, the “Babylon Movement” obtains 4 of the 5 seats reserved for Christian candidates

Baghdad – The Iraqi parliamentary elections held on Sunday, October 10 have assigned representatives of the “Babylon Movement” up to 4 of the five seats reserved for Christian candidates by the national electoral system. This is reported by local sources consulted by Agenzia Fides, on the basis of the first data provided by the High… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/INDIA – Record of violence in a single day against Christian communities

New Delhi – In just one day, October 3, at least 13 episodes of violence and threats were committed by members of radical Hindu groups to the detriment of Christian communities in the states of Uttarakhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi, the country’s capital. This is what Fides learned from… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – Christian teachers for state schools: launch of a training course

Multan – “Our priority is to train religion teachers and catechists in the authentic teachings of the Church and to help them learn and proclaim the proclamation of the faith. In this intensive course, organized specifically for religion teachers and Catholic catechists, our objective is to train them also in the light of the new… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/LEBANON – Crisis in Christian schools, the Syrian Catholic Patriarch exempts families from paying school fees

Beirut – The Syrian Catholic Patriarch Ignace Youssef III Younan, has given instructions to exempt the families of Syrian Catholic students who attend schools connected to the Patriarchate from the payment of school fees for the 2021-2022 academic year. This was reported by the communication bodies of the Siro-Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch, specifying that the… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – Raped Christian minor escapes the torturer: the culprit arrested

Sahiwal – After an investigation conducted with raids in several villages in the area of Sahiwal , the Pakistani police arrested a Muslim man for kidnapping and raping an 8-year-old Christian girl Liza Younas. As Fides learned, according to police officials, the culprit is Muhammad Bota, arrested and accused under article 376 of the Criminal… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/BANGLADESH – “Marriage encounter”: Christian spouses rediscover the richness of the Sacrament

Dhaka – Married life is a life of patience, forgiveness and listening. It is a life of mutual enrichment, thanks to the presence and strength that Jesus Christ gives. It is a long journey together, enlightened and supported by the grace of God. This is what many Christian married couples in Bangladesh have matured thanks… Leggi tutto »

EUROPE/SLOVAKIA – Pope Francis: “The authentic Christian witness comes to life from the mysterious triumph of the Cross of Christ”

Prešov – The mission of the Church does not pursue the worldly ways of “triumphalism” and self-affirmation. Every authentic Christian witness comes to life from the mysterious triumph of the Cross of Christ and bears witness to it by aligning its dynamics with the “humble love” of Christ “which is fruitful in everyday life and… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – On the day dedicated to the Armed Forces, the Church pays homage to Christian war heroes

Karachi – “We must encourage our fellow citizens to remain faithful to our Homeland as were our Christian heroes of the Armed Forces in Pakistan, who bravely fought and gave their lives for our beloved country. We are part of one nation and we work for the good of our community and our country. And… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – Christian woman accused of blasphemy for a WhatsApp message; a couple has safely reached Europe

Islamabaad – A The Christian Shagufta Kiran from Islamabad was arrested on July 29th by the Federal Investigation Agency for allegedly sending a message with blasphemous content via WhatsApp. As the organization “Center for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement” now reports, is still in custody. Shgufta’s husband Rafique Masih, reports that armed agents raided his… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/EGYPT – 22 Christian publishing houses participate in the Cairo International Book Fair

Cairo – At least 22 publishing houses affiliated to Churches and ecclesial institutions present in Egypt are exhibiting books and editorial products at the 52nd edition of the Cairo International Book Fair. Among the stands of Christian exhibitors, the one of the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of St. Macarius and that of the publishing houses of… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/LEBANON – Christian leaders summoned to Rome by Pope Francis to pray and reflect together the “signs of the times”

Rome – In all likelihood, 10 senior representatives of the Churches and ecclesial communities present in Lebanon will take part in the meeting convened in the Vatican by Pope Francis to reflect and pray together on the present and future of the country of the Cedars. In the Sala Clementina of the Apostolic Palace, the… Leggi tutto »