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ASIA/MALAYSIA – The Bishop in Sabah: “Christ’s mission continues in the midst of the pandemic”

Sandakan – “We are disciples and brothers in Christ even if we are socially separated. Christ’s mission does not stop when we are separated to contain the spread of the virus”, said Mgr. Julius Dusin Gitom, Bishop of Sandakan, in the province of Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo. Mgr. Gitom is the first bishop of theLeggi tutto »

AMERICA/HAITI – “Our commitment continues unabated”: the Camillians help the population between criticisms and some positive notes

Port au Prince – “The situation on the island is more and more dramatic, not only because of the earthquake of August 14 and the disasters caused by the passage of the storm Grace, but above all for the worsening of violence and of the armed gangs that have taken over and are in fact… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/MEXICO – Government continues militarization and repression of migrants, resulting in human rights violations

Ciudad Juarez – “We make a respectful but energetic appeal to the government of Mexico to abandon the repression against migrants and respect its constitutional mandate to make the human rights of all effective. We believe that there are more fraternal paths for human mobility in general, therefore, we continue to reach out to theLeggi tutto »

AFRICA/CAMEROON – Archbishop of Bamenda: conflict continues, religious leaders engaged in difficult mediation

Vatican City – “In many other parts of the world where there is an ongoing conflict, if someone dies or there are attacks, the press all over the planet talk about it. In Cameroon, clashes, killings, massacres or kidnappings have been taking place every day for years, but nobody talks about it. Obviously they are… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – The dream of St. Camillus continues: the first church dedicated to the Saint in the district of Okara

Okara – “A house of prayer, a place of worship where one can connect with God and where other activities that are not prayer and spiritual are not allowed” declared Mgr. Indrias Rehmat, Bishop of Faisalabad, on the occasion of the consecration of the first diocesan church dedicated to Saint Camillus, in the village called… Leggi tutto »