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ASIA/BANGLADESH – In the Year dedicated to St. Joseph, the first book on the saint in Bengali

Rajshshi – “Saint Joseph: protector of the family and of the universal Church” is the title of the first book published in Bengali in honor of the saint, in the special year dedicated to him. This is what the young priest from Bangladesh Fr. Johon Minto Ray, from the diocese of Rajshahi wrote. Bishops, nuns,… Leggi tutto »

EUROPE/ITALY – The 90th edition of the PIME “Missionary Congress” dedicated to Papua New Guinea, 170 years after the arrival of the first missionaries

Milan – The celebrations of the ninetieth edition of the missionary “Congress” of PIME begin on Saturday 18 September, which will culminate in the Holy Mass, on Sunday 19 at 10.30, with the delivery of the Crucifix to the missionaries and to the departing missionaries. This year the Congress, always open to all, coincides with… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – The dream of St. Camillus continues: the first church dedicated to the Saint in the district of Okara

Okara – “A house of prayer, a place of worship where one can connect with God and where other activities that are not prayer and spiritual are not allowed” declared Mgr. Indrias Rehmat, Bishop of Faisalabad, on the occasion of the consecration of the first diocesan church dedicated to Saint Camillus, in the village called… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – On the day dedicated to the Armed Forces, the Church pays homage to Christian war heroes

Karachi – “We must encourage our fellow citizens to remain faithful to our Homeland as were our Christian heroes of the Armed Forces in Pakistan, who bravely fought and gave their lives for our beloved country. We are part of one nation and we work for the good of our community and our country. And… Leggi tutto »